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John Wick Chapter 4 (4DX)

John Wick Chapter 4 (4DX) redefines what it means to bring a slick action experience to the big screen.

DVD & Blu-ray Region Codes Explained

When you purchase a movie, the disc must be compatible in your region. We’ll cover these regions in our DVD & Blu-Ray Region Codes explained.

Black Adam (4DX)

Good & evil collide with God-tier power. As Black Adam delivers massive action, great comedy, and a fun story.

Best Slasher Horror Movies

From psychopaths to psychological thrillers to horror-comedies, our list offers something for everyone.


After booking an AirBNB in a dilapidated Detroit neighborhood, a woman uncovers dark secrets hidden within the home.

Poltergeist (4DX)

A family suspects demonic forces have invaded their home, threatening the lives of the children.

Smile 2022

Smile (2022)

When an evil presence attaches itself to a woman, unsettling and disturbing events unfold.

Pin A Plastic Nightmare 1988

Pin A Plastic Nightmare

When a father uses an anatomically correct doll named Pin to educate his children about life, they begin to question if the doll is actually alive.

Bound 1996


Love isn’t a crime, but it can get you in trouble.

Prey (2022)

To become strong weakness must die. But when the strong become prey, the only option left is to become more than just another predator.

Alienoid Prisoner

Alienoid (4DX)

Alienoid provides a wild and fun ride. Combining martial arts, time travel, comedy, action, and adventure into one massive refreshing package.

Jaws 3D (1975)

Jaws 3D (1975) is a refreshingly immersive experience for audiences. Providing what may be the best presentation of this terrifying tale.