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Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Gohan Powerup

A fun, action powerhouse with an emphasis on the new generation’s responsibility of the future. It’s their time for them trust in themselves, believe in their power, and prepare for the future. Although Dragon Ball is a deep and storied franchise, Super Hero provides a familiar atmosphere for fans and an above average story that non-fans can still enjoy. Giving audiences what may be one of the best portrayals of action fight scenes that would be absolutely stunning in your standard superhero film.

You need to believe in yourself and unleash your power.

– Piccolo

The Story

Rise of the Red Ribbon Army

When you remove one villain, another quickly takes their place. Following defeat, the Red Ribbon Army returns under new leadership. Seeking to develop new androids capable of crushing their enemies. Given the perceived rising threat of aliens in their midst, they focus their efforts on our heroes and anyone associated with Capsule Corp. With a focus on absolute annihilation.

A New Generation of Heroes

Unfortunately, as this new rising threat emerges in secret, our strongest heroes are unavailable. Leaving the younger warriors of earth (and Krillin) to protect them. But as everyone claims to be the good guys, the truth is realized. But that moment is all too brief, as an unpredictable menace capable of destroying the entire plant proves too difficult for anyone to handle. Making everyone wonder as to whether they can stop it before it’s too late.

Rise of the Next Generation

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Pan

Young Pan (Gohan & Vidal’s Daughter)

Dragon Ball Super is a shift for the series towards a new generation. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero takes everything great about the series and compresses that goodness into a comedic, action heavy, and fun story. Unlike Dragon Ball Z, things develop and move quickly, providing story and humor throughout. Delivering an enjoyable narrative focused on younger characters, how they’ve grown up and must now learn to take over responsibilities handled by older, mightier heroes.

This is perhaps the best subtle narrative of the entire story. Throughout the series, Goku and his perceived invincibility (even in death) has been a longstanding trope. In this movie, we see greater emphasis on the characters coming of age, becoming parents, taking on responsibilities, and how the small children need to train as well. As they face new challenges, they assume control and focus their strengths. Sometimes humorously, in the case of Goten and Trunks fudging their fusion, becoming a single chubby Saiyan in the process.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Gotenks Taunt Booty Smack

Chubby Gotenks Booty Smack Taunt

This type of shift is what Dragon Ball has needed, and the experience was clearly welcomed by the audiences I’ve viewed them with. Even non-fans found the movie hilarious. Especially the superficial jokes coming from Bulma, whom uses the limitless power of the Dragon Balls to wish for a “perky butt”. A very lighthearted film that masterfully combines various elements that’ll surely create new fans.

Animation & Fight Choreography

Top Tier Action

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has some of the best superpower combat fight scenes in any movie to date. As the camera moves around at breakneck speeds, you never get lost in the sprawling environments and massive explosions. Which manages to still tell a story, or even a joke, as the fighting ensues. The execution is top-tier, and is honestly the type of stuff you wish you could see in live action superhero films.

Cinematography, musical crescendos, acting, and special effects during massive action scenes will steal your attention. Drawn in by the characters, you feel the drama as our heroes take on impossible odds. Yet they don’t feel like Gods, rather simple people doing what they can to protect the people they love.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Goku

What Dragon Ball doesn’t receive enough credit for though is the martial arts leanings of the series. Many martial arts styles are utilized across Dragon Ball, such as: Karate, Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Ninjutsu, Stick Fighting, Bojitsu, Tai Chi, and Kenjutsu. Despite some of the unrealistic nature of power levels and flying, Super Hero is no different in making you believe each character knows their stuff!

4DX Action Powerhouse

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Piccolo vs Gamma 2

If martial arts and massive action weren’t enough, those lucky to experience Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in 4DX have the closest thing to feeling every jump, blast, punch, and moment of flight. With the first half being light on action, the second half kicks into high gear. As fighters are thrown through walls of rock, giving us a clear physical idea regarding how much damage each takes.

To cite a personal favorite moment, there’s a seen where a fighter is spun around and then thrown, before being hit once again. In 4DX, you are lightly spun and jerked in the direction of the throw. Followed by the chair giving a tap to your back, along with the jerking motion of the chair from the blow itself. Now imagine experiencing that across the entire movie and you have a Dragon Ball rollercoaster ride. Which is easily worth the price for fans of the series. I can’t praise the 4DX outing here enough.

What it is to Be a Hero

Our New Fearless Warriors

No matter how small, anyone can be a hero. The Dragon Ball franchise has been around for over 30 years. Not only does Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero do a great job of ushering in the series into a new generation. It breathes fresh life into it. Offering us well choreographed action, amazing music, and a fun experience that will please fans old and new. While providing something for non-fans with no knowledge of the fictional universe.

If you’re looking for a fun, comedic, action-oriented animation, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is something you should definitely consider for you next watch.

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