Black Adam (4DX)

Good & evil collide with God-tier power. As Black Adam delivers massive action, great comedy, and a fun story.


Poltergeist (4DX)

A family suspects demonic forces have invaded their home, threatening the lives of the children.

Alienoid Prisoner

Alienoid (4DX)

Alienoid provides a wild and fun ride. Combining martial arts, time travel, comedy, action, and adventure into one massive refreshing package.


Top Gun Maverick (4DX)

Top Gun Maverick 4DX may be the highest cinematic experience of a lifetime! 4DX, ScreenX, or IMAX is a must-see event!


Regal Unlimited Guide

If you love seeing movies at the theater, Regal Unlimited is here to deliver an unlimited film viewing service! But is it worth it?


4DX – A Cinematic Revolution

4DX – A Cinematic Revolution 4DX is unlike any other theater experience you could have. It’s like describing salt to someone without taste, it’s truly

Shang Chi Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi (3D) (4DX)

Great comedy, action, cinematography, characters, and story. Shang-chi in 3D & 4DX has quite the recipe that audiences are sure to enjoy.

Free Guy

Free Guy (3D)(4DX)

If films were designed to take advantage of 3D & 4DX, Free Guy is one of the finest examples to get things right.