Top Gun Maverick (4DX)

Top Gun Maverick 4DX may be the highest cinematic experience of a lifetime! 4DX, ScreenX, or IMAX is a must-see event!


Regal Unlimited Guide

If you love seeing movies at the theater, Regal Unlimited is here to deliver an unlimited film viewing service! But is it worth it?

The Batman

The Batman (ScreenX)

The Batman (ScreenX) The Batman delivers the best ScreenX experience to date! When the action kicks the film steals your full attention. Each time you


4DX – A Cinematic Revolution

4DX – A Cinematic Revolution 4DX is unlike any other theater experience you could have. It’s like describing salt to someone without taste, it’s truly


ScreenX – Premium Theatre

ScreenX – Premium Theatre ScreenX is a 270° view offering available in theaters. Providing audiences with the widest angle of view. But what is the