The Batman (ScreenX)

The Batman ScreenX

The Batman delivers the best ScreenX experience to date! When the action kicks the film steals your full attention. Each time you observe the city in full 270° view, it really comes alive! And in proper DC fashion, their focus once again is to enhance the standard theater experience with ScreenX at just the right times in the story. DC continues to be the best at utilizing the ScreenX feature.

The Story

Enter the Riddler

The Batman has the darkest tone of any DC film to date. The atmosphere is mysterious and in the vein of a noir detective story similar to SE7EN or 8MM. It all begins with a murder and puzzles. Gordon brings in his confidant and talented investigator Batman to assist on the case. Which is especially useful given how one of the clues is for Batman himself.

Deciphering Riddles & Clues

What ensues is an unpredictable series of events. As the audience keeps guessing about the meaning of these puzzles, and the outcome it’s aiming for. Providing a very compelling action, thriller, crime drama that manages to combine these elements very well. I could honestly go on about the story, but I’d prefer to divulge any spoilers here. But the film provides a breath of fresh air in the comic and superhero film space. Not to mention, a brilliant gateway film to introduce mainstream audiences into darker films.

The Characters

In typical fashion, The Batman excels at providing us with unique and intriguing cast of characters. Many people I’ve spoken to feel that this is perhaps the strongest aspect of the film and it’s hard to disagree. As everyone’s performance is solid.

Catwoman, Gordon, Batman, Alfred, Penguin

On the villain’s side of things, we have a brilliant set of enemies for Bruce. We have Oz (The Penguin), Falcone (mob boss), Riddler, henchmen, and corrupt Gotham officials. On the other side of things, we have Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Alfred, and Batman. Each of these characters with their own distinct backgrounds and attitudes. Not to mention their unique vested interests which drive their decisions throughout the film.

What’s pleasing about these characters is how they differ from past iterations, yet are a welcome experience to fans of the Batman franchise and for folks whom just want to see a solid movie. By the end, audiences fully understand the motivations behind each of these individuals, and it does not fail to impress. But I believe Colin Farrell’s portrayal of the Penguin to be extremely impressive!

The Batman ScreenX

The City of Gotham

Previous films involving Batman have done a great job with character execution. But The Batman separates itself in how the city of Gotham feels alive. In a clip shown later on, you’ll get to see first-hand how tangible the Gotham feels. To see a fictional city brought to life like this, with its own “health”, as criminals and corruption destroy it. 

Yet every good person within the city limits provides a beacon of light, providing excellent contrast as the city becomes dark where criminal elements live. Yet brightens up where goodness lives. Only Batman chooses to thrive in darkness, yet is still filled with good. This type of portrayal of a city being brought to life is an exceptionally rare find in films. Let alone done so well.

The Visuals & ScreenX

Now that you’re aware that the story and characters are amazing, what about the ScreenX experience? The Batman in ScreenX is amazing. What makes it stand out amongst all other ScreenX films released so far is how it utilizes ScreenX and when it makes the decision it. Many films tend to rely on using it every action sequence. However, The Batman utilizes in just the right circumstances, in the right way, at the right times. Easily making it the best execution yet of any ScreenX release.

Let’s take the following sequence as our first example. Here we have Batman entering a club and it’s obvious that he’s going to run into some problems. The filmmakers already crafted a brilliant scene, but when they apply the 270° view the experience only gets better.

Club Intro

You may not notice it, but this scene begins with a single screen as Batman walks into the club. As he transitions from the entryway of the club into the dance floor and table service area, the film shifts between total darkness with glowing red strobes of light. Like a heartbeat, the red colors strobing beat life into the scene between every moment of darkness. The work of the cinematographers here is beyond exceptional.

If that wasn’t good enough already, the filmmakers continue to show their mastery of the cinematography in our next example. In the scene below, the camera acts as a way to drive home the effect of Batman’s perspective. By doing so, we are also able to observe the city come alive. This transforms the city of Gotham into living, breathing character itself. It’s extremely impressive!

Batman Takes Flight

It cannot be stated enough how immersive this shot in particular is. When you watch the entire scene take place, your attention is completely stolen by the compelling execution of the masterful filmmakers here. So, I can’t praise The Batman in ScreenX enough!

The Thrills of Batman

From the story to the characters to the stellar production, The Batman is an amazing work of cinema. I honestly wish I could discuss so much more about this film here but our goal is to keep things spoiler free so that anyone who comes here can enjoy the surprises of the film itself. It is truly one of the greatest films of 2022, well worth your time and hard earned money.

And for those lucky enough to catch The Batman ScreenX release in theaters, an even better experience awaits. Granted, given that ScreenX releases have such brief releases windows, my hope is that it’ll see a re-release in theaters and provide those that missed it with a chance to the amazing experience. As someone who’s seen both the standard and premium releases, I can say beyond a doubt that The Batman in ScreenX is well worth your time.

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