John Wick Chapter 4 (4DX)

John's Eyes on the Prize

John Wick Chapter 4 (4DX) redefines what it means to bring a slick action experience to the big screen. With pulse pounding music, gun battles, sword fights, and top-notch stylistic cinematography, the finale to the John Wick film franchise is an absolute crowd pleaser. It is over the top, yet elegant at times.

But what makes the film stand out so strongly is how it taps into the 4DX enhancements to make your viewing an even more visceral event. From bullets whizzing by your ears, to the violent shaking of constant car crashes, John Wick Chapter 4 in 4DX does more than deliver. It heightens the standard for what it takes in bringing a compelling 4DX movie to life. More on this later!

The Story

John Wick Likes Guns
One Way In, One Way Out

The first three films have laid out the stakes that John Wick must deal with. With the monolithic criminal organization known as “The High Table” paying millions to have him dead, John is on the run with his back against the wall. But to survive this level of danger you need to have friends. A select few who are both honest and loyal until the very end.

John Wick Chapter 4 Caine

"Friendship means little when it's convenient."

Problem solving a way out of a criminal organizations top spot on their hit list provides a backdrop for great action, and a challenge that seems impossible. As each player in the game plays their hand, a potential solution is presented to John. With limited resources, and even fewer options, the hand is played and the stakes are raised. With not a single party ready or willing to lose.

Endless Enemies, Few Friends

Great action without story leaves much to be desired. Thankfully, that is not the case here. As we are provided story before, during, and after each action sequence. Giving us a glimpse into the world, the characters, their thoughts and emotions. Learning what drives them is a brilliant tactic leveraged by the filmmakers to get you to root for John. His kindness and arbitrary approach to morality make him endearing and likeable in a way that no other film has done so well. Everyone in the crowd wants to see him win!

John Wick Chapter 4 Club Gun Fight
An Amazing Club Fight Scene

When you take in the cohesive package of music, colorful scenery, stellar acting, unrelenting action, you are treated to story that is about family and friendship. Demonstrating that our bonds to one another serve as the tapestry that holds our world together and makes us strong. Creating a sense of purpose and belonging along our journey through life. There are only a few films to do action and narrative in such a compelling and interesting way, that everyone will find something to enjoy in this amazing movie.

Top Notch Action That Kicks Ass

John Wick Chapter 4’s action manages to not only exceed the prior films, it builds on their legacy and reinvents the wheel. As the camera follows the action, the fight choreography and cinematography transform onscreen events into a dance filled with graceful violence. When someone hurts onscreen, you feel their pain.

John Wick Chapter 4 Blood
This is No Ordinary Fight

Personally speaking, John Wick Chapter 4 delivers the best action in the entire series. It tells a story through it’s action, and even tells quite a few jokes in the process. When you add in brilliant action stars Donnie Yen, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Scott Adkins, things are only made even more grand than they ever could be. Scott Adkins (Killa) delivers what may be his best acting performance, and it’s a hilarious to see. Donnie Yen still looks fast, smooth, and highly calculated as the formidable Caine. Even the fresh-faced Shamier Anderson (Tracker) provides a spectacular contrast amongst an exceptional cast!

Narrative Excellence, Stellar Presentation

Color Plays a Large Role in the Cinematography

For a film filled to the brim with unbelievable moments, you’d be hard pressed not indulge in the aura of fantasy it brings. From an ancient criminal organization replete with rules and a code, to the death-defying action, down to the constant punishment John receives, you are captivated and enthralled through and through.

Without going into spoilers, let’s just say that a constant barrage of traffic in Paris amongst a hail of bullets gives our characters plenty to dodge, and you simply don’t want the action to end. As one event transitions to the next in their own clever way, you’ll find laughter and pleasing character interactions. Finding such a great movie well outside of a summer or holiday release is a rare gem you have to see to believe.

Every Frame a Painting

With family, friendship, and loyalty at the forefront of the narrative, it’s especially pleasing to see what it means to be a good person amidst bad circumstances. As each person plays their part, the stakes get higher and the threats even larger. Under the excellent execution of the filmmakers, John Wick Chapter 4 is more than a treat, it’s the whole candy store! And you simply don’t want to stop eating.

John Wick Chapter 4 in 4DX Literally Beats You Up!

John Wick Chapter 4 Brutal Gun Fights
See the Flash, Feel the Bullets

From the first punch in the opening scene, the audience is literally getting their asses kicked. With rapid, violent movements of the chair, you are thrust into a world where you immediately understand what it takes to survive each punch, kick, stab, and gunshot. With each bullet cascading behind your ears and across your back. The film does an amazing job at take the elements of 4DX and cranking up the action to greater heights few other films have ever done.

Be Ready to Get Stabbed in the Back

For those that have seen an action film in 4DX, there are standard tropes one can expect. But some of the finer touches included a flash in the theater as a flashlight hits the camera. And a clever use of water spray each time blood bursts from a bad guy’s neck. Combined with the jolting car action sequences, a rainstorm effect during a fight in a manmade waterfall, I have rarely seen the theater audience so alive and captivated. If there’s one way to see John Wick Chapter 4, 4DX is easily the best format to catch it while it’s in theaters! (Seriously, 4DX films have limited release windows. So, catch it if you can!)

Action & Narrative on a Whole Other Level

A Love Lost is More Painful Than Any Wound

For those that enjoy John Wick Chapter 4, the movie is more than an experience. It creates conversations, brings people together inside the theater, wows you, and gives you something to think about when it comes to life. Anything we do is everything we do, and the well-made story epitomizes this idea in high fashion.

By the time the credits roll, everyone will bid a fond farewell to what is one of the finest action franchises ever made. As it demonstrates that no matter how many times you’re beaten or shot, the pain of a lost love hurts deeper than any wound. Friendships, family, and love elevate us. It makes us feel alive, keeps our hearts warm, and provides us with a bright light on the darkest of days. Only time will tell us how great John Wick Chapter 4 has truly achieved in delivering an outstanding narrative worth every frame.

Where Can You See John Wick Chapter 4?

John Wick Chapter 4 is currently playing in theaters as of this writing. You can find a 4DX theatre near you via this URL found on 4DX’s website.

Once John Wick Chapter 4 hits streaming services, you can find it on the following platforms: John Wick Chapter 4 – Streaming Services

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John Wick Chapter 4 is about Love
It Was Always About Love