Good Boys

When I first started watching Good Boys on a flight, I found myself awakening sleeping passengers with my laughter. From that very moment, I knew Good Boys was a rare kind of comedy.

Filled with highly irreverent jokes and kids desperately trying to look cool, the film pulls no punches in reaching it’s R rating. As the films involves drugs, profanity, and sex paraphernalia. Though this doesn’t stop the film from touching on real life issues, such as divorce and how friends can drift apart over time. Good Boys does a great job balancing real life situations that make the characters relatable, while making you laugh from scene to scene.

Good Boys Smells Like Shit


“ThESE smell like shit.”

It’s worth noting that some people will miss some of the references being made, such as those who’re unfamiliar with American culture surrounding drugs. But this doesn’t diminish your ability to still grasp the jokes, or laugh at the characters who play out their issues on the screen.

The main story centers around three boys (Max, Lucas, & Thor), with an intertwined storyline involving two teenage girls (Hannah & Lily) who are trying to get their hands on some drugs for some partying. In effort to impress their friends, the boys use a drone to learn about girls by watching them. Only to have their drone captured. In an attempt to regain their drone, one of the boys takes a purse from the girls.

What ensues from here is a competition involving the boys attempting to regain their drone, avoiding punishment from one of their father’s. As the girls try regain their taken molly, and ensure their party schedule stays on track. Everything suddenly derails as negotiations in their exchange goes awry. And the adventure really begins to take off, as the jokes build on this for the remainder of the film.

What’s most surprising about this film is how good the acting and production are. With the execution being so well done that you don’t even think about the subtle camera work or the young actors discussing topics they clearly don’t understand themselves. Which speaks to the quality of the writing and the filmmakers behind it. Each scene transitions seamlessly, guiding you from one aspect of the story to the next effortlessly.

Personally, what I enjoy most is how unpredictable and believable everything is when it comes to the story and its characters. For instance, after the boys fail to acquire their drone in the exchange, they attempt to sell a Magic the Gathering card to a man online. When Lucas has changes his mind and no longer wishes to sell it, the man becomes frustrated and asks their mother for a glass of water. Not realizing that the boys had actually setup a sex doll as their mother in the kitchen, he knocks it over and quickly understands what the doll really is and a bidding negotiation ensues. The scene is both hilarious and natural as you watch it play out in pure comedic gold.

The Good Boys Bean Bag Gang


“Are you a pedophile?”

Having watched this film a few times, the jokes do a great job of not wearing thin. As they still bring you to laughter every time you watch it. As everyone has experienced something in this film, making it highly relatable to everyone. If you haven’t seen this film yet and enjoy highly irreverent comedies (PCU, Tropic Thunder), I can’t recommend this film enough.

Good Boys came out in 2019 and continues to well with audiences. Coming from a director and writing team of The Office (US) fame, the film offers an enjoyable comedic experience that touches on real life in a way that is exceptionally rare. Making it well worth the addition to your film collection.


“Hannah, I’ve decided I don’t want kids”

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