Black Adam (4DX)

Good & evil collide with God-tier power. As the city of Khandaq becomes the battleground to decide the fate of mankind. Bringing massive action, comedy, a fun story, this is one movie audiences will enjoy. Especially those able to experience the superb visceral experience that is Black Adam 4DX. If you love action comedies, you don’t want to miss this.

You shouldn't dwell in the past. It has already forgotten about you.

The Story

Tryanny in Ancient Khandaq

Over 5,000 years ago in Khandaq, the people were enslaved to serve their ruler and his ambitious tyranny. Seeking to build a crown of dark magic, the people of Khandaq are forced to mine day and night for a special material called eternium. One young and brave boy defies the tyranny of the ruler. Once captured, the boy is to be put to death. But instead of meeting death, he’s gifted with the magical powers of long forgotten wizards.

Mercenaries in Modern Khandaq

Fast forward to modern day Khandaq, and the people still find themselves oppressed by a new regime of hired mercenaries who claim all of their resources. As a group of researchers seek evidence of the legendary magical hero and crown, they eventually come across a clue. Discovering the hero of Khandaq alongside the crown.

The People of Khandaq

As the hero emerges, the people find hope once again. So do the mercenaries as well, as they seek to use the crown for its magical powers. As the mercenaries try to take down the newly emerged legend, the Justice Society also arrives to bring him back and lock him up.

Hawkman vs Black Adam

But our legendary man is no hero and will kill anyone that gets in his way. Unflinching and unyielding, he searches for his home and his past. As Khandaq continues to fall into tyranny, he reflects on his family, contemplates why he possesses his God-like power, and what it means to be a hero. He becomes the only hope for the people of Khandaq and mankind. As one by calls him a hero by the name Black Adam.

Epic God-Tier Battles

Hawkman vs Sabbac

Black Adam has some of the most compelling God-tier fight sequences available. They are impressive, refreshing, and delivered with brilliant cinematography. The best comparison we discussed was how the slow-motion moments were more effective than the film 300. Yet it had that large scale fights and environmental interaction of a Dragon Ball cartoon. Which is a great blend of the darkness of Black Adam’s character and the light-hearted nature of the young boy that believes in him.

Black Adam vs Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher, Cyclone, and Hawkman

But these battles would be nothing without worthy opponents. The mercenaries, Cyclone, Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher, Cyclone, and Sabbac (the dark champion) all provide great adversaries onscreen against Black Adam. As he must adapt his strategy, leveraging different strengths, and even lean on others to bring down his enemies. The choreography in these large-scale fights is an impressive spectacle to observe.

Great action would be incomplete without a soundtrack to push the envelope, and Black Adam is no exception. The soundtrack by Lorne Balfe is majestic and hard hitting when it needs to be. Black Adam’s Theme in particular is a mix of symphony, choir, and electronic music that is ear candy to hear.

Story & Comedy Through Action

Hawkman Staring & Talking Smack

Black Adam brings more than hard hitting action. It does an amazing job at telling a story, developing characters, and delivering great comedy through its action. As we learn about the past and what the people of Khandaq deal with, we share in their experiences and suffering. They want nothing more than to be free, yet they are cursed by the highly sought resources their land carries.

In spectacular form, Black Adam brings the punches with the punch lines. Audiences will especially enjoy the serious tone of Hawkman vs Black Adam. As these two continue their spat over who’s more powerful, Hawkman is constantly insulted by how little Adam thinks of his strength. Providing great comedy in the process.

Atom Smasher, grower not a show-er.

Now for those fortunate enough to catch Black Adam 4DX, some of the jokes and story are enhanced by the premium features. You’ll feel unexpected blows on your back when cheap shots hit. In one particular scene from the trailer, where Adam tosses the mercenary, that especially hilarious to see and feel. As you feel both sides of the encounter.

Black Adam 4DX Extravaganza

Llightning Strikes

Speaking of 4DX, you will experience every punch, see every stroke of lightning, fee each splash of water and gust of air during flight, and be tossed around as each character dukes it out. Black Adam 4DX taps into nearly every feature the premium format has to offer. With the only feature I can confirm unutilized being the snow effect. We heard lots of screams of surprise whenever bullets whizzed by Black Adam onscreen, and you felt them as shots of air passing your ears. Brilliant stuff!

Cyclone delivers huge gusts of wind

Cyclone adds a much-appreciated element into the 4DX spectacle. Every time her powers kick in, the theater fans bring the gusts of wind, and when there’s water, you’ll feel it lightly on your face. Atom Smasher may bring the jokes, but he also brings an earth-shaking experience. As your chair rumbles and jolts with each step he takes.

Our group varied in age and absolutely loved the experience. As they were wowed each time lightning hit the screen as strobes of light and fog filled the theater during battle. Black Adam 4DX as a filmgoing experience does a tremendous job at giving you the most impressive version of the movie. Just be prepared to get tossed around during those massive action sequences!

What It Takes to Be a Hero

Who really is the legendary hero of khandaq?

With all the action and comedy, Black Adam does not forget to have a heart. It brings a message that when a single hero steps up, we are inspired. Through their inspiration we find strength and purpose to use our gifts for good whenever we feel lost. Transforming people into heroes, friends into enemies, and dissolving feuds. No act of heroism is too small to inspire positive movement.

Although we may not always be the hero, there’s always time for a second chance to find hope and goodness within us. For when we give hope to others, the world becomes a better place. Once that flame is ignited it cannot be stopped.

Where Can You See Black Adam?


Black Adam is currently limited to theaters at this time. Once it hits streaming services though, you can find it on the following platforms:

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