Romance in Spring

Romance has its challenges, but love can also come with a dark side. In the horror romance Spring, two lovers discover this difficult truth. When it comes to falling in love, it requires a certain equilibrium to make things work. As love can only carry the initial momentum so far, each person has to resolve their personal issues for the relationship to flourish.

When Evan meets Louise, the two fall in love almost immediately. But her mysterious past brings horror and obstacles these two have never faced before. Blending elements of horror and romance in Spring.

The Story

Saying Goodbye

After the passing of Evan’s mother, he seeks solace in the company of his inebriated best friend. When a bar altercation escalates, he decides to take a trip and enjoy a change in scenery. Without seeking a specific destination, he decides to visit Italy during Spring and take in the sights. Befriending a pair of British tourists along the way, providing some much-needed company.

Tthe Sights of Italy

While visiting a seaside town, he passes and locks eyes with a mysterious woman snacking in a plaza. Eventually meeting her again, in what may be one of the most honest conversations to come from someone working through their own personal damage. As Louise is surprised by Evan’s genuity, the two begin to question each other’s motives and yet become fond of one another.

Evan and Louise are two imperfect people finding something special in each other. Like two broken halves of a rock, they fit together despite their jagged edges. As the truth of Evan’s life comes up in conversation, he soon expects to know more about Louise’s past. What he soon discovers proves dangerous, as her dark secrets come to light.

Love at First Sight

Life’s Ordinary Until You Meet Someone Extraordinary

Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever seen someone so beautiful or handsome, while simultaneously seeing beyond their looks and discover the amazing person inside? For Evan and Louise this is very much the case. Just being near one another forces them to be forthright about who they are, while doing their best to understand each other. Essentially making them be better versions of who they are so they can simply make things work.

Romance By the Beach

But the sparks of love don’t keep a fire lit. As they challenge each other in ways they are uncomfortable. Yet is needed for them to make the relationship work. By talking things out and listening to each other, the two make quick work of standard problems. Unfortunately, the easy hurdles transition to the larger challenge ahead.

The Challenges of Love

Who is This Mysterious Lady?

When you are deep into a relationship, each person has to ask themselves questions they’ve never thought about. Questions such as, do we have kids, what do we do for work, and where do we go to making a living? But what if the question you have to ask yourself is, do you choose love or do you choose an easier life?

After all, love is not easy. Love challenges you to be a better person, and to always be there for them. In some ways, when you enter a long-term exclusive relationship, you have to make sacrifices in order to ensure things work. In Evan’s case, he’s head over heels in love with Louise. But making a life with her means risking everything just to be with her. And Louise has never truly been in love her entire life.

Keep Dark Secrets or Tell the Truth?

When her secret is finally revealed, Evan risks life and limb to be with her. Yet can one truly live without the love of their life? Is it worth risking everything to be with someone dear to you? For Louise, is she willing to give up the life as she’s known it to take a chance at love for the first time?

A Love Worth Living For

What makes Spring so fascinating is watching the answers to these relationship questions play out via its blend of horror and romance. One moment you’re ensconced in the romance, the next moment you’re spooked by terror. For the hopeless romantic there’s more to life than simply living. You have to take a risk on someone, make things work, and hope they feel the same. For audiences who appreciate a fun blend of horror and romance, Spring delivers a rare gem.

Love is Powerful

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