Best Short Horror Films: Vol 1

Although feature length films really get to hash out ideas, the short films offer fans a peak into some of the best stories around. Both terrifying yet exhilarating, horror has a way with sticking with us. If you’re looking for a great short horror film to watch, this list is a great start!

Lights Out

Perhaps the greatest short horror film ever, it was made as part of a 48-hour contest by the now well-known David F. Sandberg (Annabelle Creation, Shazam!). Starring Sandberg’s wife, this film plays every well, and does not disappoint in it’s brief and highly enjoyable tale.

Predator Dark Ages

Coming in at nearly 30 minutes, this film makes a strong attempt at telling a greater tale. Taking some ideas from the original Predator film, we’re provided a glimpse into what may happen when knights are brought in to fight against a Predator. The film has great storytelling, along with excellent character development. Leaving viewers interested  in further period piece films within the Predator universe.

Don’t Move

A group of friends get in over their head, as a simple notion takes on greater consequences. Don’t Move is perhaps one of the best short horror films that plays the desperation amongst friends stuck in a difficult situation. Easily the best film to come from Bloody Cuts Films.

The Insane

A man hunted by spectres in the night slowly loses touch with reality. Can he overcome these hauntings? Or will he succumb to them? This film exudes an enjoyable dark atmosphere, filled with the tale of one man against the onslaught of the things that hunt him.


This brilliant little Spanish language short plays up some ideas akin to The Ring and Pulse. Providing a nice mixture of paranormal and technological horror.

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