Best Short Horror Films: Vol 3

Short Horror Films Vol 3

In our latest round of Short Horror Films Vol 3, we wanted to dive a bit more into the horror comedy realm. As some of the best times can be had by enjoying a bit of horror mixed with good laughs. Along with several other short horror film greats.

In our Short Horror Films Vol 3, we go visit a high school, a home, a grocery store, and a cult’s compound. Giving a nice variety to this latest list.


When a pair of friends come upon an ancient artifact, the pair use it for fun at first. But when as one of them becomes drunk on power, events escalate, and chaos soon spreads across their high school. A fun horror-comedy that would make a great watch alongside Todd and The Book of Pure Evil!


Sometimes good people can walk into a strange situation, only to find themselves placed into danger. In Olivia, a hapless girl finds herself helping take care of a woman’s daughter. Only to find the circumstances are more sinister than she could eve imagine.

Killer Kart

A hilarious short horror comedy, Killer Kart can be best described as Christine meets grocery store shopping carts. With unsuspecting grocery store workers finding themselves in the crosshairs of an evil cart hunting them down.

The Banishing

A dark thriller with horror elements, The Banishing has some clever storytelling about a ritual being done in the hopes removing a ghost from the home. But this witchcraft is more sinister than seems to be.

SCP Overlord

Coming in at over 30 minutes, SCP Overlord is a slow burning, horror, thriller following a non-governmental organization investigating a cult located deep in the forest. What they find is more than what they believed.

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