Alienoid (4DX)

Alienoid Prisoner

Alienoid is a wild and fun ride. Combining martial arts, time travel, comedy, fantasy, action, and adventure into a massive refreshing package. Providing another great film worth seeing in theatres and to experience in 4DX. Fighters are thrown through walls, spaceships crash into buildings, and as ancient Koreans battle with magic, this journey is quite entertaining.

This film covers so much, we’ll only focus on a few areas. But if you enjoy action, adventure movies such as The Mummy, Men in Black, Stargate, or even Kung Fu Hustle, you should definitely check out Alienoid!

The Story

The Iron Cart That Fell From The Sky

When machines Guard and Thunder use humans as a prison for an alien species, their adopted human child becomes a beacon of hope for the pair. As they soon realize humans are stronger and more complex than they could’ve ever dreamed. When the alien prisoners prove difficult to control within their human vessels, things escalate into a battle across space and time. Making them wonder if they’ll be able to stop the massive prison break.

Alienoid Divine Blade

Divine Blade

Amidst this ancient alien war is a mysterious knife that has become lost. While it is known to possess endless energy, the alien prisoners search and kill anyone in their way. While in the future, Guard and Thunder stand ready to keep the bloodthirsty species at bay. The past has limited resources and able bodies to stand against them. As these two time periods collide against each other, groups in both eras fight to stop the brutal onslaught spilling into their lives.

A Big Mistake

Human Hosts as a Prison

When two alien species endure their war, the machine-oriented race shows the upper hand. Imprisoning every enemy within the brain of an individual human. Once imprisoned, the human have no recollection ahumans never agreed to such a thing either. Which often brings their taste for violence into the human host’s actions. The most dangerous amongst them being an individual dubbed “The Controller.” Who leads the rebellion against Guard and Thunder.


Are You Ready To Be Free?

Although these prisoners are perhaps the most powerful creatures, our minds prove to be strong at keeping them in. But the discovery of a way to free them from control instantly threatens their whole operation. Leading to one of their foot soldiers bringing the war to Earth. Making South Korea ground zero in the ongoing battleground. Killing many in the wake of their war.

Despite the mistakes, one is clearly a “happy accident”. Following the killing of a human host, Thunder secretly decides to bring the baby home as a sort of experiment. What they didn’t expect was for her to become the key to finding their own humanity, seeing their mistake, and giving themselves a chance to turn the tide in their seemingly eternal fight.

Comedy, Action, Adventure

The Twin Peaks

The ” Twin Peaks” Are Pure Comedy

Coming in at 2 hours and 22 minutes, Alienoid packs a lot into one movie. We have massive spaceship crashes, lasers, magical abilities, martial arts, time travel, and some clever jokes. And that’s not including the second part of this two-film saga!

With all this action, story never takes a backseat. Fight scenes provide fun comedy, and big action sequences bring the drama. While charming characters pull you in and have you rooting for them. With a story presented in such a grand scale, Alienoid easily provides some of the best action in 2022. Perhaps even the biggest!

Alienoid Fight Scene

Fast-Paced Fighting

Speaking of adventure, time travel adds a nice layer. Without spoiling anything, seeing the mystical past play out alongside the technologically driven future is a clever idea explored. It’s also so well executed, that the viewer doesn’t have to work to understand what’s going on. Yet the filmmakers manage to retain suspense and mystery regarding why these two timelines are vital to the story. Making Alienoid a great watch in subsequent viewings.

4DX & Massive Action

Alienoid Spaceships

Epic Action

This movie is an action powerhouse. Every crash, every punch, and each explosion are heightened by the 4DX presentation. When an explosion hits the theatre flashes brightly, while your chair shakes. In scenes where a character is punched into the river, audiences are tossed around and sprayed with water. Additionally, the theatre fills with fog during red gas explosion. Placing Alienoid amongst the best experiences you can have in 4DX.

4DX has many features. Although most movies don’t utilize all of the features, Alienoid does a great job at using all of them effectively. One scene that exemplifies this is during a spaceship chase scene, where a spacecraft is crashing through South Korea’s cityscape. You’ll feel the motions as it goes from the sky to the streets, plows through buildings, and view flashes of light as laser fire. Having the sensation of wind on your face while being shaken around, seeing fog and bright flashes within the theatre, it’s an immensely immersive experience.

The Heart Really is Something

Ean, a Tiny Girl With a Big Heart

To do what is right can feel impossible in a losing situation. But for those with honorable intentions, it is the only way to live. When Ean was adopted by Guard and Thunder, she was intended to be a guinea pig. Yet her kindness and ingenuity seeps into the pair. Bringing humanity into their lives and gives them the fighting chance they need to turn the tide in this battle.

Although the ending will leave you waiting for the story’s final outcome, hope is the message of the story. No matter you think, no matter what you’ve done in the past, there’s always a path to begin making things right. When we open our hearts, we open up ourselves to new opportunities and a brighter future. So, why not take the chance and enjoy a grand adventure along the way?

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