Best Short Horror Films: Vol 2

Best of Short Horror Vol 2

Short Horror Films are a great way to explore a variety of ideas. Each of the films on this list touch on a unique aspect of horror, offering worth your while. If you’re looking for short horror films to sink your teeth into, then you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to our Best of Short Horror Vol 2!

Don’t Peek

Not everything is a game.

The Nintendo Switch is a well loved gaming console. When playing one night, a girl discovers that what she does in-game affects her bedroom. But things are not what they seem, and there’s an unwanted guest wanting to play.

One Last Dive

Just one more…

If underwater horror was a genre, many imagine sharks or another marine predator. One Last Dive sets to change up that recipe, as a diver makes an attempt to assist law enforcement. What he finds is not what he expected.


Move over Chucky, Finley’s here!

Horror comedy is a fun genre with lots of great ideas. Finley takes the horror tropes about creepy dolls and subverts very well in this well executed short horror film. Three young people move into a home and find a load of goodies in the attic. Amongst them is a creepy doll named Finley. But rather than get rid of him, they decide to make other plans. Great for laugh, with some nice surprises.

The Outer Darkness

“We are the darkness that chokes the light.”

What if you could play a game and win whatever your heart desires. But what if the game requires you wager life just to sit at the table, would you still play?

In The Outer Darkness, a family makes several deadly wagers in an attempt to get what they desire. But the outcome is not the same for everyone. In this game of high stakes you must follow the rules and hope to win.

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We hope you found our continuing series of Best of Short Horror Vol 2 fun! There’s more to come as we find further greats of the horror to show you!