The Invitation

The Invitation

The discovery of a newfound family excites Evie. But after accepting a wedding Invitation, she questions the motives of everyone involved. Providing audiences with a fun blend of storytelling reminiscent of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) and The Invisible Man (2020), if it were presented like Crimson Peak. Fans of vampire movies will find much to enjoy As the elegant scenery, and solid acting bring the story to life.

The Story

A New Family

Having lost her mother, Evie has her unfulfilling job and best friend to get her through the day. Barely treading above water, she’s drowning in disappointment with what her life could be. When she takes a DNA test and discovers she has family from England, she takes the opportunity to meet her closest cousin, Oliver. Who is equally excited to meet her.

Evie Lord Deville

Evie Meets Lord Deville

When Evie and Oliver meet, he presents her with a unique opportunity. Join him in a trip to England, accept the invitation to a family wedding, and meet the rest of her kin, the Alexanders. The moment she arrives everything seems better than she could’ve ever dreamed. As she’s showered with gifts and surrounded by the finest stylish sophistication that one could hope to live in. But as fast as she finds something wonderful, something mysterious is also found.

The Invitation House of Deville

House of Deville

As each mystery yields more questions, she questions the reasoning behind her visit and what the others are up to. And once Evie uncovers her first dark secret, things only lead into darker places. As she enters a proverbial lion’s den that is more dangerous than her imagination could ever conjure.

Evil and Elegance

The Invitation Elegenance

The Party

At Evie’s home in New York City, she makes a meagre wage just enough to get by. The moment she drives up to the lavish mansion of lord Walter Deville, she finds a fascination she’s been waiting for. No longer on the outside looking in, she doesn’t hesitate to embrace her new surroundings. Even shedding a tear when her relatives offer praises and graces towards. An experience that’s easily reinvigorating and heartwarming.

The Mysterious Bridesmaids

When the charming lord of the house Walter presents himself a gentleman to Evie, her friend hilariously mentions to her over the phone that it’s been a while since she’s been with a man. So why not take the opportunity? As Evie and Walter grow fond of each other, the two become close. Yet even amongst such fine circumstances, nightmares disrupt her sleep. And a dark visitor haunts her room, leaving her wondering what’s happening to her.

One of the best elements of the narrative is how well director Jessica M. Thompson has portrayed the innate vanity we all carry. After all, if people are being generous and charming towards us it’s because we deserve it, right? But we often forget that endearing individuals may be presenting themselves in this manner in order to get something from us. Making vanity a useful tool of manipulation, even against highly guarded souls such as Evie. Creating a dangerous charade.

Into the Lion’s Den

If the bars on her window weren’t a sign of bad things, the secrets she uncovers will only make things worse. For starters, Evie received the invitation to the wedding. But where is the wedding party? And how can there be maids of honor without the bride and groom? And why do the maids arriving have numbers on their outfits? The answer to these questions pushes Evie deeper into the lion’s den. Placing danger all around her.

The Invitation Party

An Unexpected Turn of Events

What makes her settings so strange is how cordial everyone is once bad things start to go down. Being a sweet person, Evie is moved to tears when life is taken. Yet these people raise a glass and cheer the occasion. To top it off, Lord Deville is not the gentleman he presents himself to be. Using deception and manipulation to manifest his will.

The Invitation's Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets Moving in the Night

Lord Deville also is no ordinary man. A vampire living over hundreds of years, he’s grown in riches and power. Cultivating resources that most could never resist. But money is not what he truly seeks, as his eyes are on Evie to be his bride. If she chooses to accept it comes with a high price to pay.

Integrity, Immortality, Death

All Sales Final

Presented with the option for immortality at the cost of human life, Evie must hastily decide where her future and ideals lie. Does she fight against all odds? Or does she give simply give in? And if she chooses to fight, can she even overcome this on her own? And what happens if she fails or gives in? There isn’t much time for Evie to make a decision.

When Evie accepted the invitation, she was searching for a better life and never expected the decision to take her to such a dark place. Although she felt alone in her hometown, she’s now lonely and isolated in New Carfax, England. Surrounded by strangers that shower her with praise, claiming to be her long last family, she must quickly act and make her choice. It’s safe to say The Invitation’s thriller approach, via its horror flair, provides us with a fun and entertaining outcome that audiences will enjoy.

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