Bob Odenkirk brings the heat in Nobody. A film that mixes themes of John Wick & True Lies, providing a fun and refreshing take on the action-comedy genre.

When this film was recommended to me, a friend constantly brought up John Wick as the main comparison. And in more than a few ways the film clearly draws parallels with the well-known action film. But what Nobody brings to the table does a great job at subverting the seriousness of the subject matter on screen. As the audience is drawn into the dark world of Russian gangsters, colliding against the one-man army that is Hutch Mansell. A former government operative.

And in any great action film, no story is complete without a great villain. And this is where Nobody outshines John Wick in my opinion. As Yulian is fierce, intense, and doesn’t play any games. If he wants you dead, that will be his focus until it comes true. Aleksey Serebryakov portrayal as Yulian is extremely convincing, as he flexes his sheer will against Hutch.

Our Villain, Yulian Kuznetsov

The Story

When it comes to the background of the story, Hutch is a regular suburban husband with many faults. His wife hates him, his son doesn’t respect him, and after they experience a home robbery, his family begins to doubt him even further. With the sole light in his life being his sweet daughter, whom looks up to him, becomes the trigger to his rage. When he realizes the robbers took his daughter’s kitty cat bracelet (yes, a kitty cat bracelet).

Before Hutch even realizes this, he’s already a bottled up champagne bottle ready to explode. And when he finally gets his hands on the robbers, he soon recognizes they’re just desperate people trying to save their child. Fully pressurized, and without a target for his range, he’s left with no outlet of release. But while on the path of rage, he’s soon provided with a solution. Or as he puts it, “when one door closes, another opens.”

After things are now done with the robbers, Hutch embarks on his journey home in mild defeat. But his journey is cut short by a group of young foolhardy Russian mobsters, delivering to him his sweet release. As they provide the perfect punching bag to his bottled rage.

Hutch vs. Russian Mobsters

As soon as Hutch ends the fight, we enjoy the sweet joy of his good work. But unknown to him, a fuse has been lit and the mobsters swiftly arrive at his door. Which is where our story begins to take off. And we slowly realize there’s more than meets the eye to our main man Hutch. But no hero is complete without a great team. And Christopher Lloyd (Hutch’s father) and RZA (a former colleague) make an amazing addition to the film.

Christopher Lloyd delivers the charming old man that’s got a taste for violence. While RZA is the reliable friend with a long and loyal history. Bringing both comedy and fun action to with their onscreen presence. I’d go further into their involvement, but I prefer to keep this spoiler free for those interested in seeing this film. But Lloyd has some particularly fun scenes.

The RZA, Always a Badass

Action & Comedy

When it comes to the comparisons of Hutch & True Lies, we often observe this via hidden life. Keeping secrets of his true self from his family, it creates problems that complicate things as we go deeper into the story. And who can’t relate to that? We all conceal a part of ourselves, and in Nobody, these secrets build up inside of Hutch. Watching him balance that secrecy against his love for his family is a delightfully lighthearted experience. As each action scene coalesces into the next fierce battle.

Avoiding spoilers, audiences are in for a unique and fun experience. As it can be enjoyed amongst friends, or even on a nice date out. As the story really does provide multiple angles of enjoyment. Those especially looking for a fun action film are treated to an exceptionally well-made film.

But what does Nobody really provide us besides a fun, comedic, action-packed story? At the end of the day, Nobody is about the challenges of preserving love in a long-term relationship, doing your best to not let your family down, making strong bonds, and being true to yourself.

Did I Mention I Love Action?

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