Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies

Trust, relationships, personal demons, and death collide in this fun horror comedy that will surprise you until the very end. Once the game of Bodies Bodies Bodies begins, the film kicks into overdrive. Building an entertaining mystery as circumstances and events shift around the players. Which will have you asking, “who is the killer?”

The Story

Let the Booze Begin!

A group of friends plan a drug-filled party at one of their upscale mansions in the forest. Complete with a massive pool, a private driveway, and several floors of pure luxury. Initially, some of the members of the group show their teeth. But once the drinks are flowing and a dance party gets going, things cool off briefly. When the game of Bodies Bodies Bodies begins.

Let’s Play a Game

So, how do you play? Each player takes a sheet of paper from a pile. The player that takes the paper marked with an X is the killer. When the lights are all turned off the game officially commences. Players caught by the killer must play dead. Once a surviving player finds a victim, they must yell “Bodies Bodies Bodies”. From there, they must determine who is behind the killing.

We Found This Outside

From here, things become incredibly interesting. Following the first “victim” a disagreement breaks out and the game falls apart. When someone is found dying, everyone has questions and non has the answers. As everyone questions one another’s motives and who is ultimately behind the mounting deaths.

Relationships, A Game Trust

The Joys of Love

As each body piles up, trust amongst the group sinks lower and lower. With judgement impaired by intoxication and raised fingers pointing at each other, emotions running high quickly. Histories drag each member’s credibility through the mud, as friends throw each other under the bus. They soon ask themselves how well they really know each other, and how do they determine truth from lies?

Who’s Body Is It? And Who’s the Killer?!?

Our story follows main characters Sophie and Bee. A couple making an unexpected appearance into the party, Sophie knows the general group. With Bee and fellow guest Greg the newcomers. But Sophie has been away for quite some time and her deep love for Bee makes things only more complicated as the group must balance history against coincidence. Love under these circumstances has never faced such a difficult situation!

Multi-Genre Brilliance

A Party That Starts with a Hurricane

What makes Bodies Bodies Bodies so enjoyable is the careful balance of its many genres. As the story shifts from drama to horror, thriller to comedy, as well as a brilliant mystery. These elements form a fine fabric that truly comes together once the game gets underway.

Director Halina Reijin also does a great job of going between a character driven narrative before pivoting to a story driven one. As the characters are built up before the story tears them down to their basic traits. With comedy elements that are absolutely hilarious, particularly when the characters argue their petty problems amidst the ongoing deaths. Fans of horror comedies have been given a gem here!

A Genius Mystery, Slasher

When bodies drop, trust follows. Making Bodies Bodies Bodies a genius mystery with loads of horror, thrills, and laughs. By the time you reach the end you’ll be pleasantly surprised who was really behind everything. Surprising the characters just as much as you.

See The Trailer

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