Pin A Plastic Nightmare

Pin A Plastic Nightmare 1988

When a father uses an anatomically correct doll named Pin to educate his children about life, they begin to question if the doll is actually alive. As the son Leon reaches manhood, he begins to experience new troubles in life. Seeking the reliable advice of his old friend, Pin helps Leon navigate various situations. But as others suspect there’s more to the doll, they fear things may be sinister than it seems in the clever film Pin A Plastic Nightmare.

The Story

When children grow up parents often use a puppet or a character to help make information more relatable and educational. Dr. Linden practices this same idea with his anatomical doll named Pin. As the children provide new questions, Pin is always there to answer them. Giving them knowledgeable insight into life’s various mysteries.

As Leon and his sister Ursula become young adults, Leon continues to depend on Pin’s sound advice to help him figure things out. However, as a rule their father only allows the children to speak with Pin while he’s in their presence. Breaking from this rule, Leon seeks Pin’s private counsel and visit’s him while his father is out of office. When his sister eventually joins him on one of these visits, she suspects something sinister is going on.



Who is the Mysterious Pin?

The Eyes of Pin

Can dolls come to life? If they can, could they befriend a person? And could they harm others? When Pin speaks his voice is eerie and unnatural, yet strikingly friendly. Even when you’re not looking at your TV, his voice will draw your attention and curiosity back to the screen. Providing a kind and creepy sound that almost seems to come from another world.

Is Pin Alive?

Since this story is best experienced without spoilers, we prefer to avoid divulging anything major here. That said, Pin is a creepy realistic anatomical doll from the medical education world. With body parts and internal organs to human scale, he serves as an educational tool for Dr. Linden to teach his kids about themselves and their experiences.

A Troubled Mind

Leon and Younger Sister Ursula

As Leon becomes dependent on the doll for guidance, he becomes reclusive. Operating in contrast to his sister, who’s finding success and popularity with others around her age. As Leon become stranger by the day, she worries about her older brother while simultaneously heeding his instruction. But the moment she realizes Leon is speaking to Pin without their father’s presence, her concerns turn into fear.

Like any young person, we all seek a mentor in life to guide us through troubled waters. Since a young age, Leon has relied on Pin’s to get him through difficult situations and troubled thoughts. But what do you do when a mysterious doll serving as a personal confidant begins to lead you astray.

Urusula in Tears

Being the younger sibling, Ursula demonstrates great love and care for her older brother. Just as Leon seeks guidance from Pin, she seeks Leon’s help through her troubles. Unfortunately, some troubles may be bigger than she is capable of helping. As she begins to feel like her brother is becoming unrecognizable. Despite being the longtime lovingly brother she’s come to know.

Pin A Plastic Nightmare

Enter the Nightmare of Pin

Pin A Plastic Nightmare is a clever and subtle 1988 psychological thriller that is ambiguous and delivers a compelling dark narrative. From the first moment you hear Pin speak, you’ll quickly question the reality of his existence. As Pin seemingly possesses life and wisdom, you’ll have more questions about this mysterious and unearthly doll. Leaving you to wonder, is Pin alive? Could a doll truly speak and come to life? You’ll simply have to watch Pin to find out yourself.

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Where to Find Pin A Plastic Nightmare (1988)

As of 2022, Pin A Plastic Nightmare has fallen into obscurity due to the fact that it was released directly to VHS. Later in 2001, it was released on DVD and has yet to see a BluRay release. Originally distributed by New World Pictures, the company is now owned by Walt Disney Company. Many fans hope to see a streaming and/or BluRay release, so there’s still a chance for it to find a wider audience.

In the meantime, you’ll have to buy it from Amazon or eBay until such a time comes. But be prepared to pay an unexpectedly high price for the DVD. As it tends to sell upwards of +$30 on DVD alone. As of this writing, there are no digital outlets to purchase it from.

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