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Missing (2023) delivers the mystery, suspense, thrills, horror and a brilliant family drama that will surprise you. As events escalate from one event to another, MISSING provides a story that steals your attention, and even creeps you out. It’s a mystery that doesn’t rely on comedy, and a suspense narrative that doesn’t rely on action/thrills to deliver the goods. MISSING is a straight-up mystery suspense story that brings thriller & horror elements along in an entertaining and compelling way. Making it a must see for anyone that enjoys a good myster suspense thriller!

The Story

Party at June's

June is your average teenager, looking to find a party and a release from life’s responsibilities. When her mother Grace Allen takes a trip to Colombia with her new boyfriend, she seizes the opportunity to throw a party with her friends and go crazy. Resulting in a hilarious mess that she suddenly needs to clean up just hours before her mother returns home.

MISSING Mom Airport
Need to Clean Up Before Mom Gets Home

But when her Grace doesn’t return on from Colombia, June is left waiting at the airport wondering where her mother could be. She quickly reaches out to law enforcement for help, but receives the standard response that things are going to take time. Reluctant to wait it out, she begins her own investigation and takes matters into her own hands. Using every online tool and resource she can find, June sets out to find her mother and assumes foul play.

June Waiting for Grace to Arrive

Unfortunately, as she digs deeper into the events surround Grace’s disappearance, things only become more complicated and worrisome. As June begins to assume the worst, and new details emerge with little evidence that points to her current whereabouts. With assistance from the FBI and an attorney, she throws everything she has at it. Recording her findings, her computer screen, and every detail that could lead to the next clue.

But when the clues suddenly start to dry up, things pivot sideways. As June suddenly finds herself searching for her mother while wondering what danger she has brought onto herself. As there’s more than meets the eye, and a serious threat could be lurking just around the corner.

Pure Mystery & Suspense

MISSING 2023 Persons Form
The Search Begins

With rare form, MISSING (2023) brings mystery and suspense without relying on cheap tricks to move events along. Using a found footage style for presentation, the audience is brought along a believable ride that kicks into overdrive the moment June begins her investigation. Becoming a sleuth that’s willing to do whatever it takes to find the person she loves the most.

But perhaps what makes MISSING so good is how it blends multiple genres into a fine tapestry that suspends disbelief and takes hold of your emotions. Each step of the way, you feel June’s regret for not being a more loving and attentive daughter, who suddenly realizes what she may have lost. Which literally made the audience cheer and sigh with every up and down she experiences.

Search for Grace Allen
Search Teams Look for Grace Allen

But a good mystery-suspense isn’t possible without clues and surprises and MISSING absolutely delivers in this regard. With each clue, things inch one step closer. Yet as the truth slowly gets revealed, the danger escalates further. Turning the mystery into so much more. 

What makes things strongly compelling though is the natural and believable nature as to how June uncovers the next detail. Using simply her computer and a phone, she’s able to gain access and ask questions that lead her like a breadcrumb trailer. With each success bringing hope that there’s still a happy ending to her investigation. We’ll leave the details here though, as the best way to experience the story is with as littler spoilers as possible. And we truly want you to enjoy the brilliance of this amazing mystery.

MISSING is an Escalating Edge of Your Seat Thriller

MISSING 2023 Colombia Raid
The Search Intensifies

When the film starts, you’re ushered into a comedic perspective of a teenager trying to party hearty. Then, things transform into a mystery-suspense. Before ultimately becoming a thriller-horror ride into the madness of a family-drama driven whodunnit involving a daughter looking for her mother.

It’s this exact premise and execution that makes MISSING so enjoyable, stealing your attention the moment Grace fails to show up. Meanwhile, you have this lonely girl simply trying to keep what’s left of her family while navigating the news media seeking to capitalize on her story. With it’s found footage presentation, it places a lense on the reality like few films possibly could. Delving into dark paths and how strangers on the internet simply make up conjecture in an attempt for relevance. All while a girl is searching in hope of finding her mother.

Missing 2023 Who is Kevin Lin
Who is Kevin Lin?

Without any major spoilers, let’s just say that MISSING is a ride that will steal your focus. As you look at every detail June uncovers along the way, you will make every assumption possible to determine what’s really going on. With a tight multi-genre execution, this jack in the box delivers solid surprises that will make your viewing experience well worth the time. 

A Multi-Genre Masterpiece

MISSING 2023 The Love of a Daughter
The Love of a Daughter

Few mysteries manipulate your emotions and nerves in the masterful way that MISSING (2023) does. With law enforcement insufficient, every step June makes on her harrowing journey takes you one step closer to the truth. As a young girl with few resources, she’s bent to find the person she loves the most. Providing a narrative rife for exploration and investigation in the current modern era.

It’s rare to see an audience leave the theater with such positive thoughts. If you enjoy a riveting mystery filled to the brim with suspense, thrills and a dash of horror, we can’t recommend MISSING enough!

MISSING (2023) is coming to theaters on January 20th, 2023. Once it hits streaming services, you can find it on the following platforms: MISSING (2023) – Streaming Services

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