The Lost City

When it comes to couples comedies, The Lost City delivers a fun and endearing experience for any date night. With it’s nice blend of surprises, adventure, action, and a light yet touching romance. It manages to deliver a compelling romantic comedy with substance. This is definitely a fun one to review!

The Story

Loretta (Sandra Bullock) is a well-recognized author of famous romance novels, which have a devout fan following. Alan (Channing Tatum) is her cover model Dash, who provides eye candy as a character in her books. A character whom her avid fans can never get enough of.

Dash (aka our Fictional Fabio)

While her books are based around romance, the plot of these stories is centered around discovery and adventure. As they quest around the world in search of forgotten treasures. Unfortunately, Loretta begins to have some writer’s block, and it becomes very difficult for her to finish the latest novel in the series.

Writer’s Block with Iced Chardonnay

As her publicist Beth tries to get her to finish the book, they all prepare for a panel discussion. Afterwards, Loretta leans that she may unknowingly be able to pinpoint the location of a lost city housing a valuable treasure. Before she knows it, she’s kidnapped by a wealthy madman (Daniel Radcliffe), and Alan quickly hires Jack (Brad Pitt) to track her down. What ensues is a hilarious adventure into a dense island jungle.

Brad Pitt, Handsome Manly Man

Now for those familiar with Romancing the Stone, the similarities are hard to ignore. Without spoiling anything, I would describe The Lost City as a Romancing the Stone story, but if Michael Douglas was basically like Kathleen Turner. So instead of having one competent survivalist, you have two clueless city folks struggling navigate dangerous circumstances. But both are still unique enough and highly enjoyable.

Sense of Adventure

Rosetta’s Stone

Adventure is the driving force behind the film. Even as danger lurks behind them, they continue press forward. Looking to escape and find a soon to be lost treasure. Loretta is heralded as one of the last few people on earth that can translate an ancient language, which she has used to help fuel the adventure narrative within her books. Oddly enough, this work actually translates into a real-world dilemma is the obsession of a wealthy madman.

Meet the Wealthy Madman, Abigail Fairfax

What was thought to be lost may soon be found. As our poor Loretta is kidnapped and forced to assist his search efforts. At first, she thinks this is all fun and games until she realizes the real stakes in this hunt for it. Before she knows it, she’s isolated without outside contact. And the only people that believe she’s gone missing are Beth and Alan.

The layers of adventure are one of the most subtle working aspects of the story. Afterall, imagine your works of fiction are actually connected to the real world. Like seeing a book come to life, Loretta is thrust into one of her stories and must quickly act to survive. And perhaps discover even more along the way.


Only have eyes for you

Now what is perhaps one of the best payoffs in the story is the surprising romantic twists of the film. It avoids the typical romantic comedy formulas, as you laugh and are then brought into a touching moment with deep meaning. Given that I don’t spoil major plot points here at Timeless Cinema Show, I will simply say that my wife and I very much enjoyed this one.

The Lost City

Pure Chemistry

It’s worth adding that the chemistry between Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock is believable and entertaining. Watching them circumvent danger while bringing their history into it is an entertaining dynamic to see. They grow to respect one another despite their personal differences and recognize each other for whom they truly are. Which does a great job of illustrating how acceptance and helping your partner blossom is a fine tenant of any strong relationship.

Why the Romance Works

Searching for Love?

Someone once asked me what the perfect day is like. In response, I stated I simply don’t know. You see, if you have expectations as to what makes a day perfect, then there’s a lack of surprise. To me, a perfect day must exceed expectations. Love works the same way. Falling in love is an amazing experience when you don’t see it coming. Which is why The Lost City manages to get this aspect right.

Comedy is definitely the driving force of the film. But the substance of The Lost City’s romance is still strong despite it’s light nature. For those looking for such a joy to experience, you’ll find this to be well worth your time.

Final Statements

The Lost City is a fun film geared towards a specific audience seeking a romantic comedy. Although the focus of it leans towards the ladies side of things, everyone will find much to enjoy. As it greatly succeeds in delivering a fun date night out for many couples.

Ladies Loved This Scene in the Theater. Perhaps too much?

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