As Above So Below

History, supernatural, Horror, and an Indiana Jones-style narrative fuse together in what may be the best Found Footage Horror film ever made. Add in a bit of drama and dash of a romantic history, and you have a superb story in Director’s Name] As Above So Below. A tale so good, it absolutely deserves a review on every website that discusses film. Let’s dive in!

The Story

There is much lore surrounding the infamous Nicolas Flamel Philosopher Stone. Our journey starts with (her name) going to Iran by herself, in search of the Rose Key. The first step in one of many that lead the way to the stone. If travelling in Iran as a woman alone wasn’t dangerous enough, she ventures to the assumed location of the Rose Key moments before explosives are to be detonated in the area. As she makes a sprint to her first clue, she barely makes it out alive. And like that, our bold adventure begins.

Having found the Rose Key, she then hires a cameraman and seeks out her ex-boyfriend. Whom is an expert in Aramaic to find their next clue. This trail of bread crumbs soon leads them to the well-known and haunting location known around the world as the Paris Catacombs. A labyrinth under Paris housing millions of decaying bodies, stored to prevent the smell and disease from spreading across the city above ground.

Paris Catacombs, the Largest Crypt in the World

Lacking knowledge of the catacombs, the trio taps a group of illegal catacomb explorers with vast knowledge to guide them in the right direction. As they must sneak in without garnering the attention of law enforcement, then navigate the various flooded corridors in hopes of finding the stone. Along the way, they experience many unexplainable events and continue to observe a mysterious woman that seems to know what our group is looking for. 

As Above So Below Crypt

A Stranger in the Catacombs

If there’s one thing to be said, the lore building is beyond rich in As Above So Below. The film and does an amazing job at making you believe what is transpiring on screen, making the film out to be a more akin to a documentary of a supernatural exploration of a past long forgotten. But they are on a dangerous path, and playing with fire has its costs. Tension and suspense builds as the viewer asks themselves, “Will our explorers be able to uncover the stone and carve their way out alive?” I have so much I want to say here, but it’d be crime to spoil such a great story.

Guerilla Filmmaking, Thrill of Danger

Having Second Thoughts

While Blair Witch Project was filmed like a documentary in the woods, the crew we follow here is more than bold, they are more than willing to take any risk necessary to achieve their goal. Breaking the law? Check. Risking our lives? Double check! When it comes to the risks involved, our guerilla filmmakers carry a spiritual torch from such great characters as: Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, and Nathan Drake.

Not to mention, their guerilla filmmaking is so expertly presented to us that it comes off as being effortless to the viewer. You don’t have to try to absorb the story, the story absorbs you. You just can’t help but become involved in their story, as their fear, passion, and journey engulf your mind. Making this film a rare experience worthy of any cinephiles collection.

The Joy of DiscoveryAs Above So Below

As Above So Below

Beneath the thrills, drama, and horror beats the heart of an explorer. A pioneer willing to accept the risks and take mankind into our next great discovery. They face their past, present dangers, and an uncertain future in a bold and steadfast way. Pushing ahead as the path behind them closes, yet never ceasing to give up and admit defeat. Their persistence and unwavering faith that they WILL make their discovery and find a way out is empowering as it terrifying to the viewer.

The Heart of Its Greatness

Given all of the history, horror and various other elements, you’d think this film is really about a group of brave souls seeking treasure. But what makes As Above So Below a great story is what its core story is about: remembering our past, accepting the dark parts of our past, and seeking a better tomorrow.

When the Past Returns, It Can Make More Than History

Each character has a past that they either avoid or run from, believing that it may be a distraction from their goals. As they all seek to maintain their best self-image. And when the truth clashes with their self-image, they must choose between denial or accepting who they are. Where that leads each character is a fascinating idea to think about, carrying well into our real lives.

If a horror-style Indiana Jones sounds interesting and you have the opportunity to see As Above So Below, do yourself a favor and watch it! It may just be the best Found Footage Horror ever made.

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