Poltergeist (4DX)

Poltergeist 1982 4DX

Living in a freshly created suburban community, a family suspects a poltergeist has invaded their home and threatens the lives of the children. What ensues is an endearing, fun, paranormal drama willing to do whatever it takes to protect their son and daughters. Doing their best to keep things together, the discover new beliefs and uncover the truth behind the violent hauntings. For a limited time, you can experience Poltergeist in 4DX.

Poltergeist (1982) is a classic film reaching its 40th Anniversary in 2022. As part of a special presentation in theaters the filmmakers have teamed with Fathom Events, Turner Classic Movies, and 4DX to celebrate its return to theaters. Providing a great experience to new audiences, along with a refreshing and thrilling experience to fans for what is easily the best horror film to ever grace the premium theater format to this day.

The Story

Poltergeist 1982 Family in Terror

A Family in terror

The Freeling’s are a fun and loving family. Their father works hard, the mother oversees their home like an eagle, and the children enjoy their life at home. At least until their smallest daughter Carol Anne begins to hear voices through the noise on their TV. At first the parents don’t think much of it. But as furniture begins to move, things escalate into larger activities. By the time they realize their invisible guests are malevolent they rush to protect the children from their evil forces.

During this time, the father Steve is missing work and dealing with the bureaucracy of his job. Given that he sells home for the corporation building their community, he has conflicts over what is transpiring and conceals what is happening to him. Although he can’t hide his poor sleep conditions, his company fears losing him and offers to make him a partner in the very community where his family is terrorized.


parapsychologists (aka poltergeist busters)

Cautious about whom to tell, they privately acquire the help of a parapsychologist to assist them with their haunted house. These parapsychologists are studious, to the point of being skeptical of the family’s serious claims. Once they experience it for themselves, they quickly accept the truth and bring in a medium as reinforcements.

Poltergeist 1982 Medium Tangina

The Powerful Medium

With cameras rolling, mics recording, the family ready to fight, and an expert medium guiding the group, they take on the demonic forces head on in hopes of cleansing their home. But it won’t be easy to regain control, as the desires of these spirits has given them a stranglehold over their home and family.

Family Drama Emphasizing Horror

Poltergeist 1982 Diane

Save My Babies!

Recent horror films rely on gore, spooks amongst shadows, and jump scares as their main tactic. What separates Poltergeist from most films is that it is first and foremost a strong family drama, which then places them into a situation of paranormal horror. The parents come in as skeptics of such notions, making their plight so much more relatable to general audiences. As they are pulled into a world they have never known.

Carol Anne Scream

Carol Anne in Danger

By utilizing a heavy focus of family drama as a cornerstone of the storytelling the light amounts of horror are immensely impactful. We took someone who’d never seen the movie and they absolutely enjoyed and cheered for the family. As anyone wouldn’t want something bad happen to a child, audiences quickly relate to the circumstances and hope for the best. Holding our emotions hostage while providing terrifying insights into a potential paranormal disaster in what should be a safe family community.

It’s worth adding that the chemistry between the actors is what makes the recipe work. Their playful banter and jokes do a great job at releasing the tension between larger scenes. Helping you feel their joy and feel their fear with the Poltergeist’s 4DX presentation. With over 40 years of praise, it’s easy to see why this classic stands strong today.

Poltergeist 4DX Experience

Poltergeist 4DX Strobe

Whereas most films leverage 4DX features in an “in your face” manner, Poltergeist is subtle. Building a crescendo into the films climax. Fine camera motions are immaculately replicate their motions through your seat, rainstorms are deeply immersive, and lightning produces in-theater strobes of light alongside chair rumbling to thunder. It’s an incredible sensation!

Two moments in particular stood out to our group. One occurs during a quiet, tense scene when Carol Anne surprises her mother with a tug on her shirt. Which illicits a scare out of her. With perfect timing, your chair will tap the center of your back as this plays out onscreen. But an even more convincing moment is when Carol Anne passes through her mother while she’s on the “other side”. As this happens, a breeze comes across your face, your chair lightly rumbles, and a lovely smell enters the room. As her mother is overjoyed by the sensations, the audience feels and shares in the experience.

Out of all the horror movies observed in 4DX so far Poltergeist is the most precise and pleasing of the bunch. Films such as Scream (2022) fail to fully utilize the potential of technology, and Gremlins (1985?) was a solid 2nd place experience. Poltergeist mostly does not use any features, focusing on a minimalistic presentation with the features. Before ramping up to a strong ending that is as grand as it is powerful. A large screen, amazing surround sound, and 4DX provides audiences with the best way to take this amazing classic.

It is with much delight to see Poltergeist on it’s 40th Anniversary return to theaters in premium format. Seeing especially young children enjoying themselves at the theater, screaming during certain moments, was amazing to see for such a timeless film. Which you can enjoy for a limited time at Regal and Cineworld theaters.

Poltergeist (1982) Facts

Poltergeist’s story was written by Steven Spielberg, with the intention for him to direct the movie as well. Due to a contract conflict with ET – The Extraterrestrial Spielberg was unable to direct the film, hiring Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) to be the director. Despite a busy filing schedule with ET, Spielberg was an active Producer for Poltergeist. Being onset nearly every day during filming.

At the time of Poltergeist’s release in 1982 it made over $182 million in ticket sales. Adjusted for inflation in 2022, this would be over $363 million dollar. Despite the film’s success and award nominations, Poltergeist ended up losing to Spielberg’s film ET. But this has yet to slow down the fact that its special effects have withstood the test of time and fascinate audiences to this very day!

A Cinematic Masterpiece

Poltergeist 4DX 1982

A classic made better with 4DX!

With a strong emphasis on family connections, a convincing demonic haunting, and brilliant filmmaking Poltergeist continues to be a timeless cinematic experience that even younger audiences can enjoy. If you enjoy a fun horror film or are already a fan, we can’t recommend enough that you give in Poltergeist in 4DX a chance. As well as enjoy the classic special effects in high definition at home.

If you want to see Poltergeist (1982) in 4DX, you can visit Regal’s website and find a showtime during the month of October 2022:

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