Where to Buy Movies at Cheap Prices

With streaming services constantly pulling movies and shows from their catalog, it has never been more important to own DVDs and BluRays of your favorite stories. With prices varying everywhere, we want to provide you with the best resources that are tried and true on where to consistently buy movies at cheap prices online.

Disclaimer: If you plan to play movies on a DVD/BluRay player, you’ll need to ensure the disc region matches your device. For those of you that are tech savvy, you can also rip your movies to a drive, or host them on your own personal streaming service via PLEX. Region locking is a non-issue when it comes to digital playback, so you may want to consider that as a viable option!

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Where to Buy Movies at Cheap Prices Online - Amazon

Being the world’s largest online retail means you have a lot of options to find a good sale on many movies and shows. If you prefer new releases, or don’t mind purchasing used copies, Amazon is a great place to start!


Where to Buy Movies at Cheap Prices Online - eBay

Whether it’s used or brand new, eBay is the best place I’ve found some of the lowest deals possible. And if you don’t mind purchasing movies from another region, you can find steep discounts on movies that are limited, out of print, or more expensive than within your own region. You also have the option to buy movies outright or bid on them.


Where to Buy Movies at Cheap Prices Online - Redbox

Those red vending machines offer more than just rentals, they have amazing deals on great movies. The only caveat is that you won’t get a proper DVD/BluRay case with your purchase. Thankfully, there are online resources with free printable covers. Just buy some DVD/Blu-ray cases, print the cover of your movie, and you’re good to go! Redbox Blu-ray prices are especially hard to beat!

Half Price Books

Where to Buy Movies at Cheap Prices Online - Half Price Books

Half Price Books is a retailer that allows you to buy movies and books. Since HPB’s inventory is based on trade-ins, their selection and supply will vary throughout the year. But generally they have a vast inventory and steady stream of great films and TV shows at highly competitive prices. Including great prices on collector’s releases.

Goodwill (Online Store)

If you reside within the US, chances are you’re familiar with Goodwill. People donate items, and in return, customers gain access to low price goods. With the money from your purchases going towards supporting others in need. Goodwill tends to have sleeper deals, and large batches you can get low prices.

Local Thrift Stores Near You

You could always shop online, but shipping tends to add an additional cost to your order. If you don’t mind shopping offline, thrift stores offer some the best prices around. Many thrift stores sell DVDs around $2 to $3, with Blu-rays going for $4 to $5. Thrift stores are a great way to start building up a large home collection.

If you’re not sure where to go, use the following search links to see what’s available in your area. You can also travel out of town and see what other thrift stores offer. Every store is unique, and you’ll slowly learn which ones typically carry the best selection.

If you’re not sure where to look, some personal recommendations on chain thrift stores with a decent inventory are:

    • Amvets

    • Deseret Industries

    • Goodwill

    • Salvation Army

Please note that thrift stores are not consignment stores. Consignment stores allow trade-ins for money (like Half Price Books). Most consignment stores tend to charge more for the same thing, but you might get lucky if you look in the right places. Highly recommend looking up any locations you find via a quick online search or Yelp lookup.

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