The Last of Us

The Last of Us

Naughty Dog crafted a masterpiece with the Last of Us. In 2015, Grant Voegtle transformed this great narrative into an amazing cinematic series. Heart wrenching, intense, atmospheric, and gritty, this series is an emotional rollercoaster that will keep you on edge through the very end.

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The Last of US

The Story

Joel and his family are enjoying a quiet night when they are suddenly awakened, finding themselves in a sudden fight for their lives. Soon they realize these attacks are beyond their home though. As many others begin attacking each other in a zombie-like state. But the infected aren’t the only problem they’ll have to deal with.

Constant fight against evil

In an attempt to get his family to safety, we are provided with one of the most intense and riveting openings in a series. If you’ve seen The Walking Dead or Dawn of the Dead, this will pack unexpected emotional gut punches. Yet somehow the story manages to retain these rays of hope that keep you going, just like Joel.

escort her to the research lab Safely

One day, after being double-crossed, Joel is thrust onto a mission to help escort teen girl Ellie across a vast distance. He eventually learns that she has something to do with a possible cure, and reluctantly agrees. But the journey is perilous, filled with infected, murderers, and few supplies. Will they make it to this mysterious location? The answer to this question is beyond entertaining and may have you binge watching all seven episodes.

Science Fiction Horror

What was once human

One thing you’ll notice right away is that this infection is different. It begins with a bite, and soon enough that person will slowly lose themself. Becoming disfigured, aggressive, and violent in the process. To top it off, in longer term cases of infection the head deforms into a big fungal mess. Making infected person no longer recognizable. They can’t see, they lose any features you would call a face, yet somehow, they have acute hearing senses. Making them very dangerous, ever after so many months have passed by.

Yet, the scariest detail about this infection is that it’s based on real world biology. A fungus known as Cordyceps, have a subset of fungi that infect and initiate mind control over their hosts. Eventually, the fungus will burst from their head and/or body. Spreading spores and infecting new hosts. Thankfully, cordyceps have yet to affect mammals. But the idea is legitimately terrifying science fiction!

A Masterful Narrative

A tale of Survival & morality

Despite the bleak story and twists you’ll find a story about the human spirit. Highlighting the grit and resolve we can find in ourselves when dig deep enough. And no matter how dark the day can become we can discover the light within us that can light our way and guide us to a better future. This is why The Last of Us manages to be such an amazing experience that will keep you watching through the very end. We hope you enjoy this hidden gem!

Naughty Dog & Grant Voegtle

Naughty Dog had a tremendous team behind The Last of Us. With expert story writing and the finest artists around, they developed a game of true master work. Inspired by how great the game was, Grant Voegtle set out to create this series as a way to help expose this great story for the benefit of non-gamers and those who would otherwise miss out on the story. His series is only available on Youtube.

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