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ScreenX is a 270° view offering available in theaters. Providing audiences with the widest angle of view. But what is the ScreenX experience like? And is it worth the higher ticket price? As long as the film is a good fit, the simple answer is “yes”.

When it comes to the ScreenX, it really boils down to films that take advantage of the technology. Not every film is going to be worth the additional cost, as the visual enhancement works best in scenes that place you deeper into the environment. Due to the costs involved, the current slate of films are limited to bigger budget movies. As more films release in this format, we’ll continue to update this special report!

In-Depth Video Review

For those looking for a nice visual representation of what the ScreenX experience is like, we highly recommend watching our in-depth video review.


How It’s Impressive

While watching Aquaman, there were scenes that had objects flying outwwards from the center screen passing through the side screens. Making scale and speed it’s best features. Not only can you feel dwarfed by the onscreen action, you have the ability to visually sense the rate of speed based on the objects flying by. When missiles whiz by it honestly adds something to that is difficult to describe.

One of the particularly impressive scene I’ve watched came during The Batman. As you jump between the views of Batman and the Penguin, you see cars zoom by. Even when the car tumbles, you’re visually surrounded by the tumbling car. Making you those collisions hit even harder in a visceral way. Your brain doesn’t have to work to perceive it, you simply feel the entire scene in a natural and deep way. Not to mention, the ScreenX feature adds a certain rewatchability, since so much happens so quickly you can easily find something new the next time you see it.

ScreenX The Batman

The City of gotham (from the Batman)

It’s worth adding that there are theaters that offer both 4DX and ScreenX together. Which is known as 4DX Prime. If having a film wrapped around you wasn’t impressive, imagine having a 270° view complete with moving chairs that swivel, tilt, and spray you with water. The idea of seeing a massive creature emerge from 4DX fog in front of you as missiles fire from the sides would be amazing. The possibilities are endless, and things are only getting started.

4DX Prime

4DX Prime – ScreenX & 4DX Together (Courtesy 4DX)

How the Technology Works

You have your normal theaters with one high-resolution projector camera onto the main screen. Then you have the upgraded ScreenX experience, with additional projectors on the sides. With the side walls acting as two more screens. These side walls do carry an inferior picture compared to the main screen, but you’ll be surprised how little you’ll notice it when the feature is utilized amazingly.

ScreenX Theatre Setup

Additional Side Projectors

Using these five (5) projectors in synchronization grants you the ability to watch films in a full 270° view. When utilized properly, it allows you to be fully immersed in a film. Can you even see the seam on each side wall where the two projectors are creating the side image? The execution is honestly impressive, and I’ve yet to ever see the seam!

ScreenX Morbius

Brilliant shot from Morbius

As of 2022, there are plans in motion to incorporate more technology into the ScreenX experience. But we’ll go into that further in a later section here. Given that we’ve focused on the positives, I’d like to present you with some of the issues with it.

Downsides of a Work in Progress

Not every film is quick to adopt the additional screens into the showing. For example, Aquaman went 10 before it used the additional screens. Also, when executed poorly, watching a film go back and forth between one screen to three screens disjoint the experience.

One major gripe is the framerate and timing issues between the main screen and side screens. For starters, the side screens are clearly of lesser quality across the board. They seem to use a lower framerate or perhaps have sync issues with the main screen projector. On top of this, their resolution is inferior to the main screen.

In practice, the side screens are really meant to provide a peripheral view as a opposed to a primary view to explore. When you see clips from ScreenX directly the picture looks very clean. But the reality is slightly different when you finally see it. If films expect to find success with the medium they must choose carefully how they leverage ScreenX. Otherwise, it’ll have a greater negative impact to the enjoyment of the film.

It’s worth noting SceenX is a unique challenge when it comes to cost and production time. It’s an especially unique challenge compare 4DX. As 4DX doesn’t require a set of cameras and specific filming techniques to achieve a decent final result. Meanwhile, 4DX only needs to adds programmable features (i.e. moving chairs, fog, etc.) to enhance the film. It’s a complicated risk to take for film producers, as ScreenX still hasn’t found it’s audience. Not to mention the additional price at the ticket booth.

The Future of ScreenX

Future of ScreenX

4DX ScreenX – Four Screens

4DX and ScreenX have teamed up to present features via four screens. Adding another projection onto the ceiling, making the experience even more immersive. 4DX made the announcement back at CES 2020, which would be a sight to see!

One thing that’s often discussed but could be a game changer is live event ScreenX experience in theaters. Anyone who’s wanted to attend a sold-out UFC fight or sports even may find it worthwhile to consider viewing the event in such a presentation. There are already locations around the world where people gather to watch events, such as boxing fights. I’m sure sports fans would love to enhance that feeling at a fraction of the cost.

There’s also the potential to apply the technology to AR (Augmented Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality) devices. Would you want to have your own home theater ScreenX experience at your convenience? Perhaps one day we may even see films offered on SteamVR or Oculus. So, the future does hold a lot of possibilities.

What’s Coming to ScreenX Theatres?


Major studio releases be released in ScreenX. With some older films having a re-release from time to time. So keep an eye on your local theater for potential options!

As of April 11th, 2023* we have the following films coming to theaters in the United States:

  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Top Gun Maverick (April 29th $3 Tickets Event)
  •  The Batman (April 29th $3 Tickets Event)
  • Spider-Man No Way Home (April 29th $3 Tickets Event)
  • Bohemian Rhapsody (April 29th $3 Tickets Event)

*We will regularly update this list to help keep you informed of the latest information!

Where Can I Find ScreenX Movies?

Find a local Regal Edwards Cinemas ScreenX Theatre near you.

Want to learn more about ScreenX from the wizards behind it? Visit their website:

ScreenX keeps a list of what they’ve release recently. And theatres often have older films on offer at discount prices. Making the longevity of a film enticing. For example, Aquaman was only $7 a ticket. I already saw it back during it’s release, but seeing it in ScreenX was something I couldn’t pass up. So it worth checking out if you’re interested!

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