Regal Unlimited Guide

If you love seeing movies at the theater, Regal Unlimited is here to deliver your greatest dream: Unlimited Visits to the Theater!

When Regal announced they were offering a subscription service, which also comes with discounts on premium experiences (IMAX, RPX, ScreenX, 4DX), I immediately looked into it. As soon as they offered a discount on one-year subscriptions I took the leap and have been enjoying every second of it!

By combining Regal Unlimited and Regal Rewards, you’ll see some real savings too. In this article, we’ll go over some main points of the subscription, the benefits of Regal Rewards program, and how to maximize your savings. Even if you’re just curious as to what the best ticket prices are, we’ve got you covered!

Full Disclosure: I am just a customer of Regal Unlimited and have not been compensated in any way in making this review. This special is meant for those that are curious about Regal Unlimited from a paying customer’s perspective. All prices are from San Diego, California. Your local ticket costs may vary.
*Last updated 09/11/2022.

What is Regal Unlimited?


Edwards Cinemas – Temecula, CAlifornia

Regal Unlimited is a subscription service that allows you (the member) to visit Regal Theatres and Edwards Cinemas for standard theater experiences at no additional cost (in-app convenience fees apply). There are several tiers offered, and your decision is best made based on how you plan to visit the theater. If you have a theater with affordable tickets nearby (think under $10), you may not be as vested in getting a subscription. But regular visitors should consider getting one. Also, Tuesdays are a discount day. Which is great time to bringing a date and/or friends!

Based on the Regal Theatre(s) available to you, and its designated tier, you’ll want to choose a plan that fits accordingly. Additionally, when you travel you can still use your subscription at that Regal/Edwards theater in the town you’re visiting.

Regal Unlimited Rates


*subscription Prices as of May 2022

To determine the best tier for you, you can view this Regal Theatre List to see what tier your theatre is on. As a general rule, if you’re near a theater on the highest tier you might as well signup for All Access (highest tier). With this in mind, let’s get into the details!

Main Points to Keep in Mind

Regal Unlimited All Access


Edwards Cinemas Mira Mesa – San diego, CAlifornia

Before you consider making a purchase, you’ll need to understand there are certain stipulations that come with your Regal Unlimited subscription. There are some differences to similar offerings elsewhere (i.e. AMC), and there are some minor limitations in terms of what you have access to and how many tickets you book ahead of time.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • No Blackout Dates, and Unlimited Film Viewings!
    • You must be present when you buy tickets for a group via the app.
    • You can only book subscription tickets in-theater or via Regal app.
      • In theater subscription ticket purchases are limited to today’s showtimes.
      • You can book up 3 movies for future dates via the app.
  • Certain special events don’t apply to Regal Unlimited.
    • This means you pay as much as non-subscribers for a ticket.
  • App purchases usually come with a convenience fee (in-theater does not).
    • *Make sure to mention you are a Regal Unlimited member when purchasing int theater! The system doesn’t automatically detect this at time of purchase!
  • Subscribers on highest tier can visit any Regal Theatre for no additional charge.
  • Subscribers on the lowest tier pay a surcharge at higher-ranked theatres.
  • ScreenX, 4DX, IMAX, & RPX come with an additional surcharge
    • Surcharge amount depends on theater and type of viewing
    • You receive a 10% discount on all snacks & drinks (Regal Rewards)
    • **Article currently in progress regarding Premium Experiences.
  • You gain access to exclusive early viewings and special viewings
    • Special Viewing example: The Lost City (Date Night)
  • Free birthday popcorn and soft drink.
  • Redeem Regal Rewards via the App!
    • In-theater rewards cost more to redeem. (more info in Regal Rewards section)
    • Options are limited in comparison to the App or Online!
  • You DO NOT get a discount on additional tickets.
    • You do receive Regal Rewards points, which can buy a ticket (see below)
  • Refunds can be done through the app, and all costs are refunded back to you.
  • Regal Unlimited Black
    • After having your subscription for 1-year, you automatically receive Regal Unlimited Black. What does this mean?
      • New Digital Card design in black within the Regal App
      • Expanded exclusive features, offers, and discounts in your second year.
      • Emails for exclusive screenings, extra credit offers, and free downloads tied to movies releasing during your 2nd year of membershship.

Regal Rewards Program

Regal Unlimited Regal Rewards Program

To get the most out of your subscription you absolutely need Regal Rewards. By being a Regal Crown Club member, the more you buy the more points you receive. Visit more often and you can receive even more points per visit. These points can be used on a free popcorn or drink, a free ticket, sweepstakes entry, and merchandise (shipping costs extra). The program is totally free for everyone too.


The three tiers of regal rewards

Points can be earned on every purchase you make. One useful trick I recommend is buying the groups’ tickets through your membership and scanning your membership on each person’s snack and/or drink purchase. Your friends receive a 10% discount, and you can use the points to visit the theater or just buy more snacks. Win, win!

Regal Rewards Menu Online


in-App or Online point redemptions

For reference, in theater redemptions cost 1,000 or 2,000 more for the same thing, and options are limited. To maximize your benefits, don’t redeem in theater:

Regal Rewards Theatre Menu


In Theater point redemptions (higher cost)

Maximizing Rewards

To get the most out of your rewards, you want to consider how much your points convert to when it comes to making a purchase. There are also RCC Value Days, which are cheaper than Matinee tickets. Which you must be a member to access.

Here’s my cost analysis (the lower the points per dollar the better):

  • Small Soft Drink: 7,000 Points
    • Converts to 1,168.6 points per dollar
  • Free Drink Upgrade: 1,500 Points
    • Converts to 1,000 points per dollar
  • Small Popcorn: 6,000 Points
    • Converts to 934.6 points per dollar
  • Free Popcorn Upgrade: 2,000 Points
    • Converts to 1,000 points per dollar
  • Movie Ticket: 18,000 Points
    • Plus or All Access Theater: Converts to 1,285.7 points per dollar
    • Lowest Tier Theater: Converts to 2,400 points per dollar

Regal Unlimited Snacks & Drinks Menu


snack prices at mira mesa edwards cinema (san diego, ca)

As you can see, snacks convert the best. If you often view movies by yourself, it’s great to use rewards on your own snack and drink. If you’re going on a date or a friend tight on money, you might want to consider redeeming a free ticket to take them to highest theater possible. Then use your 10% discount on drinks and snacks. Free Tickets at the lowest theater don’t yield much bang for the buck.

DON’T FORGET: You can also use a Free Ticket to upgrade to a premium experience (IMAX, RPX, ScreenX, 4DX). You basically pay the difference on the ticket price, with the Free Ticket giving you between $11-$15 of value (depends on the option). How does this work? Let’s look at the points and rewards on premium experiences.

Movies Anywhere – Free Streaming Releases

Regal Crown Club offers something on top of discounts and points, they can also earn you free movies on the streaming service MoviesAnywhere! In 2022, I completed the Super Hero Movie Bonus. This gave me access to: Venom, Venom: Let Their Be Carnage, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Morbius. Here’s the email:

Regal Rewards Bonus


Regal crown club: your digital movie codes are here!!!

When you redeem the code to your Movies Anywhere account, you’ll immediately gain access to your films. This means going to the movies can get you a free movie to watch at home!


Movies Anywhere library after code redemption

Ticket Price Cost Analysis

Premium & Standard Tickets, Ticket Specials & Offerings

Regal Unlimited All Access Theatre Interior


screenx & imax @ Edwards Cinemas (Mira Mesa)

Premium experiences are limited to select theaters and incur an additional fee onto the ticket. Even if you’re on the highest tier (All Access), you’ll pay a small fee which is dependent on the theater you’re visiting and the type of premium experience.

If you plan to visit premium experiences, you’ll want to subscribe to All Access (highest tier). As that’ll reduce the fee per ticket for you. Otherwise, expect to add more to the following costs. Matinee and discount viewings are available at certain dates/times, as well as RCC Value Day tickets (Regal Rewards members).

Regal Unlimited ticket prices are for an All Access location (highest tier):

  • IMAX
    • Regal Unlimited: $6.50 Fee
    • Regal Rewards Free Ticket: $8
    • RCC Value Day: ~$12.00*
    • Early: $15
    • Non-Member Adult Price: $19.70
  • RPX – Regal Premium Experience
    • Regal Unlimited: $3 Fee
    • Regal Rewards Free Ticket: $4.50
    • Early (Before Matinee): $13*
    • Matinee Adult Ticket: $16*
    • Non-Member Adult Price: $20
  • ScreenX
    • Regal Unlimited: $4
    • Regal Reward Free Ticket: $5.50
    • RCC Value Day: ~$10*
    • Early (Before Matinee): $13*
    • Matinee Adult Ticket: $17*
    • Non-Member Adult Price: $18.50
  • 4DX
    • Regal Unlimited: $8
    • RCC Value Day: $12.95*
    • Regal Rewards Free Ticket: $9.50
    • Non-Member Adult Price: $21.50
  • Standard
    • Regal Unlimited: $0
    • Regal Rewards Free Ticket: $0
    • RCC Value Day: $5*
    • Early (Before Matinee): $8.20*
    • Matinee Adult Ticket: $12.20*
    • Non-Member Adult Price: $14

*These ticket prices have shown price variances based on movie, theater location, day of the week, and time of day. RCC Value Day tickets generally limited to Tuesdays and the earliest showings on the weekend.

You’ll notice that Unlimited fees are less than a “Free Ticket” from Regal Rewards. Additionally, these fees may go up further. As I’ve observed ticket prices going up $0.50 between February 2022 and April 2022. Re-releases of previous may have a lower ticket price, unless part of a special event.


spooky Regal cinemas – Chula Vista, CAlifornia

What if you ONLY watch movies? (No drinks or snacks)

Assuming you NEVER buy drinks or snacks, and you want to make your money back on Regal Unlimited here’s how many Standard viewings you need to view in a year:

  • Unlimited All Access: 21 All Access Theater Tickets
    • Subscription: $23.50 per month
    • Standard Ticket: $14
  • Unlimited Plus: 18 Plus Theater Tickets
    • Subscription: $21 per month
    • Standard Ticket: $14
  • Unlimited: 29 Theater Tickets
    • Subscription: $18 per month
    • Standard Ticket: $7.50

*Please note that final costs may include sales tax and may vary from your area.

Is Regal Unlimited worth it?

If you watch at least two movies per month, Regal Unlimited will easily pay for itself. Comparing Regal Unlimited to AMC Stubs A-List, I find it to be a better deal. AMC limits you to 3 films per week and doesn’t offer 4DX or ScreenX. Limiting you Standard and IMAX offerings.

But let’s talk numbers. How many times have I visited in 6-months of being a Regal Unlimited All Access Member?

  • 4DX: 11 Tickets
    • Unlimited Cost: $88
    • Non-Member: $236.50
  • IMAX: 2 Tickets
    • Unlimited Cost: $13
    • Non-Member: $39
  • RPX: 2 Tickets
    • Unlimited Cost: $6
    • Non-Member: $40
  • ScreenX: 7 Tickets
    • Unlimited Cost: $28
    • Non-Member: $129.50
  • Standard: 16 Tickets
    • Unlimited Cost: $0
    • Non-Member: $224
    • *1 Free Ticket given for a Moonfall Guest (Members Only Offer)

Total Cost Savings on 38 Theater Tickets (includes Premium)

  • Unlimited All Access Member: $135 (tickets) + $141* (6-months as new member)
    • *I received a discount on Regal Unlimited. My actual 6-month cost is $111.
  • Non-Member Ticket Cost: $669

Please bear in mind that the numbers above don’t include points accrued since I started visiting Regal on a regular basis (271,498 points). If I used those points to purchase a Free Ticket, I’d save an additional $211. Or in the case of a small popcorn, I’d save $290.

This means in the 6-months I’ve been a member of All Access and Regal Rewards I’ve saved over $600 and seen a movie in theaters 38 times! It’s given me an easy way to start a date, watch a movie with friends and family, and easily see a movie I enjoy again. For someone like me, it adds a lot of value to life!

In my experience, being a Regal Unlimited member is absolutely worth it. If you’re someone that visits the theater twice per month you should definitely look into it!
Regal rollercoaster. Enjoy!

How Do I Signup for Regal Unlimited?

You can only sign up for Regal Unlimited via the Regal App at this time:

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