Down With Love

Down With Love

When the ego and heart battle, the heart always wins. While living the wealthy life of cultural magnate in a big city, Catch faces a new challenge when the attractive Barbara Novak walks into town. If turning down Catch’s advances wasn’t painful enough, his fame is usurped by Barbara. Igniting a romance and cultural war between the sexes.

The Story

The Game of Love Begins

Catch is one of the biggest editors in 1960s New York City, creating and crushing hearts (and careers) at his discretion. But when Barbara comes into his life and schools him in the games he plays, he discovers a challenge he’s never faced before. As the two play their games, visual jokes and manipulation come into focus. As the two are determined to destroy the other.

I Can’t Say Enough About the Styles of the 1960’s

What makes their story entertaining is how it begins following the release of Barbara’s book Down With Love. Which is a women’s guide on how to personal freedom, starting with the abolition of making any commitments with men (such as marriage). As her book and personality take center stage, Catch’s games of manipulation fall apart. With his career and social life following suit. In an attempt to tear Barbara down, Catch then pledges to make her fall in love with him.

Down With Love? Or Up With Love?

This game of cat and mouse is humorous and further enhanced by their friends Viki and Peter. While Catch and Barbara are outgoing risk takers, Viki and Peter are risk averse. Treating relationships like a job, seeking every checkbox on a list to determine mate worthiness. Taking the nature of love and making it into a transaction. But when ego, love, and careers collide all cards on the table are on display. And for the first time in Catch’s life, he’s met his match.

A Woman in a Predominantly Man’s World

Taking Over a Man’s World

One of the backdrops of the story is how the editorial space is clearly a predominantly man’s world. Providing a challenge for Barbara to push back on. For historical context, up until World War I & II men held the majority of jobs in the United States. Following these wars, women entered the workplace and sought to retain their space amongst the working class. But that did not stop many men from attempting to keep things the old way. Making Barbara’s story a fun underdog tale.

Say Hello to Our NEW #1 Editor

From a small-town girl to a rising star, Barbara is bent on bringing the capital of the world (NYC) to its knees in pursuit of her biggest dream. To be the biggest writer in the world and change culture for the better. But Barbara made one slight mistake in her planning, and that was how she didn’t account for falling in love with a man that will challenge every ideal she has in a way she didn’t fully anticipate.

The Game of Love

Do You See What I See?

It’s a challenge to control whom your heart yearns for. When the heart falls in love with someone, and they’ve yet to really see you, it can be a painful experience. In the case of Barbara, she takes it upon herself to find a way to be seen. Leading to a humorous social tug-o-war. As Catch and Barbara feign ignorance, both assume the upper hand. But when Barbara shows self-restraint, Catch is unable to control himself and vice versa. Making this game of love a tricky one for either side to win.

Forget Subtlety

For example, could you give up your life as you know it so you can be with the person you love? Could you fully accept them as they are? Does true love have a price tag, even if it’s not money? These are things Catch and Barbara constantly battle within themselves, as they wage their war on each other. But as much as they hem and haw, they were never prepared one thing: love.

Love Can Surprise You

Down With Love Night Out

A Wonderous Night Out

A great love is like a beautiful day. It surprises you in the morning, and graces you with beauty at sunset. But the coldest of hearts will always find warmth in loving embrace. For those that have lived a life of pure work, or simply outside of romance altogether, it is hard to resist love once it enters your life. Like an unexpected birthday gift, it’s a surprise that can bring a smile to your face.

These Two Are a Perfect Pair

In a business-oriented place such as 1960s New York City, people focus too much on what is a man’s world or what is a woman’s world. A word such as love is rarely spoken in their daily vocabulary. But the world doesn’t belong to one person or one group. It belongs to everyone. So why not cease all selfishness, stop playing games, let your guard down and let love enter your life?

The Heart Wants What It Wants

Love Takes You to New Heights

Comedy, music, vibrant colors, glitzy environments, and a fast-moving lifestyle provide the backdrop to this complicated tale of romance. But every now and then, the heart can choose to love the person we least expect. Even if our mind disagrees, the heart wants what it wants. And the mind becomes an instrument to make this love happen. As much as we can fight our nature, if we care deeply about someone and they’ve proven themself worthy, why not take a chance on love?

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