Prey (2022)

Prey 2022

To become strong weakness must die. But when the strong become prey, sometimes the best option is to become more than just another predator. In Prey (2022) Naru and her tribe must work to resolve multiple threats around them, using only nearby natural resources and their minds. Unfortunately, she’s told to sit on the sidelines and must work to prove herself. Yet doing so risking her life in order to become more than who she is. Even if she she’s ready, will that still be enough to survive? Let alone win?

The Story

Prey 2022 Comanche Village

Naru’s Village

Across the great plains of 1719 North America reside a tribe of Comanche. As life is hard, roles of the group have been divided into the men ensuring protection of the group and a consistent supply of meat. While the women gather medicine, food, manufacture goods, and bear children. In this world, men are expendable, women are vulnerable and to be protected.

Observing the Wildlife

Living in conflict with these practices Naru, a young girl tired of the work expected of her and ready to take on the challenges of the hunt. Clever, creative, and observant, Naru embodies a rare strength amongst the tribe. With the support of her loving brother Taabe, she slowly makes a path for herself into the world of the tribesmen. But to become a true hunter, she must past the necessary trial and kill a dangerous animal.

Prey 2022 French Settlers

French Settlers

Unfortunately, the routines of her tribe are soon interrupted by new dangers. Hunted in several ways now, Naru and Taabe must deal with these unexpected threats. Or risk placing they village in the path of the enemy. Only by acting fast can they stand begin to stand at chance at stopping them and protecting their beloved tribe.

What Makes Us Human

Creative Weapons

What has separated humans from other creatures on Earth is our ability to creatively think and leverage superior problem-solving capabilities. With tool building being a crucial aspect of our technological advancements, humans have adapted to share knowledge and expand on the ideas of our predecessors. A tradition shared amongst our species, usually done as part of an effort to protect our kin. Yet traditions can hold us back, and Naru is a prime example of what it takes to overcome such obstacles.

Naru is an innovator and strives lives a life outside of tradition. She not only knows how to hunt, but she’s also highly efficient and effective at it. Tool making is nearly second nature, as she allows herself to entertain new ideas. Whereas most of the tribe remains trapped in tradition and set roles. She is a pioneer amongst laymen. Able to learn and invent as the need arises. Prey (2022) does well to highlight this.

Tool Building & Improvising

In comparison, animals have natural gifts of physicality (such as venom or claws). However, humans are masters of overcoming larger threats via our ingenuity. Even with seemingly no resources, we design a solution and execute. By keeping a free and open mind, we find new ways to solve new problems. In this, Naru truly represents the human spirit. Yet will these talents be enough for her to see things through?

Know Your Enemy

Taabe in Danger

With wild bears, Mountain Lions, unhinged settlers, and a dangerous predator roaming the land, Naru is surrounded by enemies. To survive she must ask herself, who is the enemy? Is the enemy of my enemy my friend? And what strategy can one employ to resolve these simultaneous conflicts?

Prey 2022 Feral Predator

Feral Predator

Unfortunately, Naru is new to the hunt. Making every experience a first for her. In the dangerous game of survival, you don’t always get a second chance. She must not only learn to think on her feet, but also adapt and make sacrifices she has never been prepared. Adding another compelling element audiences will enjoy.

Prey (2022) As a Predator Film

Trophy Hunting

With any sequel or prequel, it’s difficult to avoid comparisons to the original film. As fans always have some form of expectation. In this regard, Prey (2022) does a great job at keeping the spirit and atmosphere of the original film. Specifically, the minimalistic and realistic approaches of the story and characters.

Classic Predator Thermal Camera

This predator also has a distinct character from previous Yautja (predator race). Nicknamed the “Feral Predator”, he’s more barbaric and devoid of honor compared to the “Jungle Predator” of the original film. Killing disarmed opponents as he sees fit.

Without delving into any details that would spoil the story, Naru has to utilize clever tactics, create new weapons, and adapt in order to stand a chance. It’s fun to see this familiar narrative as a period piece in the early Americas. With a lot of authenticity paid to the Comanche people. Making this a fine addition to the series.

Rising to the Challenge

Prey 2022 Naru vs Mountain Lion

Naru Enduring The Warrior Ritual

It’s hard enough to survive in the wild. Prey (2022) is a tale of overcoming the many obstacles we face in life, no matter the costs. As a lady in her tribe, Naru must not only overcome the stigma of being a woman in a patriarchal tribe. She must also carefully resolve the threats around to her to do more than survive but thrive in her village. The only question remaining is, will it be enough to defeat the Predator? You’ll have to watch Prey to find out.

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